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Message started by ZENCDUSER on 02/15/17 at 17:44:20

Title: RCA Female (Input) Connectors
Post by ZENCDUSER on 02/15/17 at 17:44:20

Has anyone swapped out the stock RCA inputs for WBT, Eichmann, Cardas, etc. and, if so, did you hear any significant change in sound (good or bad)?

Title: Re: RCA Female (Input) Connectors
Post by will on 02/15/17 at 19:10:24

I have some I got from a seller in China that are pure copper with double silver plate, and some copper WBTs I got when on a deep sale some time ago, but have not put them in yet. I have been doing a progression of mods and been pretty disciplined to wait to digest each one before the next. But I figure between the CSP3 and Torii, and my DAC, I can use them all, setting up excellent choices for fine-tuned mixing and matching.

Having heard notable differences/improvements with nice male RCAs on ICs, I expect the same with these.

Have you looked at vyokyong's thread on modding the ZMA.

Interesting thread to me. Somewhere in there are his evaluations of some WBTs he put in, I think both in the Decware switch box and ZMA.

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