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Message started by Matchstikman on 12/28/16 at 18:59:32

Title: Music streamer...
Post by Matchstikman on 12/28/16 at 18:59:32

What do people here use?  If anything.

The reason I ask is the McIntosh MB50 caught my attention.
This unit will connect to Tidal and from what almost know Tidal can utilize DSD technology.  Yes/No?

Title: Re: Music streamer...
Post by jeffofarabica on 12/28/16 at 22:18:53

I use Tidal and Pandora exclusively for my streaming.  Therefore, my very modified (Ric at Tweak Audio) Oppo BDP-103 to Decware ZDSD works beautifully.  I utilize the digital coax out on the Oppo to connect to the ZDSD which then goes out to my Decware amps.  

The other option I often utilize is my Onkyo DP-X1 DAP.  I like this player for its balanced output as well as the support of MQA and resolutions up to 384kHz/24-bit.  I had a cable made which allows me to connect the 2.5mm balanced output jack of the DAP to the XLR balanced inputs on the ZDSD.  The Onkyo DAP is great for files that the ZDSD does not support.  They both sound wonderful!

Title: Re: Music streamer...
Post by Matchstikman on 12/29/16 at 21:35:44

Ok, so, I could create a music server out of my desktop PC, correct?  Rip CD in a high resolution format, correct?  And, connect with a network music streamer to my desktop and play music that way, correct?  And with that, not need pandora, or spotify, or tidal or anything else.

Will this work?

Title: Re: Music streamer...
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 12/29/16 at 21:48:59

Correct!  On all possibilities.  There are also purpose build RAID storage devices that have firmware built in to allow it to function as a turn key media server out of the box.  It really all depends on your budget and/or your willingness to "build" the capability rather than a more out-of-the-box solution.  

If you are streaming hi-res from any media server over WiFi, you will need good signal strength and proximity otherwise you will be annoyed with buffering and choppy audio.  Powerline adapters are a great alternative to WiFi which allows you to connect via ethernet through your home's power lines/outlets.  You get line speed as opposed to the punished throughput that is inevitable with WiFi.  

Title: Re: Music streamer...
Post by Matchstikman on 02/03/17 at 16:48:53

After a bunch of research I think I'm going to stick with audio streaming on my PC only and bypass streaming to my main system for the moment.  DSD and MQA and everything seems to be in flux.  Some people like it.  Some hate it.  Some think redbook is every bit as good.  I'll wait on any future expenses until something truly shakes out.  For now, SCHIIT and redbook hit the magic spot for me.

Title: Re: Music streamer...
Post by Tripwr1964 on 02/03/17 at 18:20:00

yes jeff is correct on the wifi... stay away.  i've tried raspberry pi's, NUC's, and home built itx's.  the only one that's fairly stable is the NUC running Daphile with custom external antenna (it looks funny with 6" rabbit ears).  others only work via Ethernet.

i've got 2 players that i'll let go for a reasonable price if you want to play in this space.  take some computer skills to set up and keep them going (i taught myself and i am not a computer person).  pm me if interested.  i am not trying to sell them... there just sitting around doing nothing.

1) Raspberry pi with dac plus (built in dac) in plexi case.  os is volumino
2) home built mini box, itx mb (no fan or hd), pico psu.  os daphile

both boot from external sd card.

they'll play music off your server/network or external hd.  also there are add on apps to stream just about anything.  i use mine to play all my ripped flac file on my server.

i still play cd's but most of the time i want to sit on my rear and play tunes via smartphone interface/player.

cool thing is when people come over they can download a squeezebox app on their phone and play whatever they like!  then i don't have to be the dj.

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