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Message started by Corey on 10/01/16 at 05:13:51

Title: ZBox's sweetest tube?
Post by Corey on 10/01/16 at 05:13:51

Years ago Eddie Vaughn recommended the NOS RCA 12AV7 for the ZBox.

Anybody have a recommendation for the sweetest sounding choice for female vocals out of these without entering 70's syrupy 300b SET territory? :

Corey  :)

Title: Re: ZBox's sweetest tube?
Post by effluviography on 11/25/16 at 09:31:47

I've been using a NOS Cifte (Mazda) french made 12AU7. Dynamic, with crips highs and just a touch of warmth.

Better than the RCA and Mullard tubes I had tried before.

Title: Re: ZBox's sweetest tube?
Post by veryoldcat on 04/23/17 at 06:17:50

!'s the best I could do...

Title: Re: ZBox's sweetest tube?
Post by Lon on 04/14/20 at 01:10:58

I have taken my ZBOX out of retirement and put it in use in my headphone only bedroom system.

This system has been sounding really really good with CD and DVR using the Audiolab cd transport, the PS Audio NuWave DAC and the PS Audio GCHA headphone amplifier which is really wonderful with the ZMF Ori, like they were made for each other, complementing each other's strengths and ameliorating each other's weaknesses.

But I am using a Pioneer Elite blu-ray/SACD player through its own outputs and it just doesn't sound as good. So I inserted the ZBOX between it and the GCHA and that has helped. I'm using an RCA 12BH7 right now which is a nice tube.

Title: Re: ZBox's sweetest tube?
Post by Lon on 05/18/20 at 13:34:32

Okay, I am really enjoying the ZBOX in this system, and I've ordered a ZROCK2 to be the icing on the cake. I find it really interesting that the PS Audio GCHA headphone amp works so very well with the ZMF Oris--the Oris sound better with this amp than any of the Decware amps I use (it's more powerful and the Oris really love the juice!)

I have rolled some tubes in the ZBOX. I am fixated lately on the 6085 tube but in the ZBOX it is just a bit "lean." I have rolled in a 6211 Amperex--the 6211 is really closer to a 12AT7 but man it's working really well in this ZBOX. I think that in months when I have a ZROCK2 in this system the 6805 will be an excellent fit for either of the components or both.

I have been rolling the 6085 in a lot and now have it in the ZROCK2-25 in my main system as well as the SE84UFO3-25 Monoblocks there, and in both the ZROCK2 and Taboo Mk IV-25 in my audio/video system. It's an excellent tube if you can use the ZROCK2 to dial in the right frequency balance.

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