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Message started by Blueone302 on 09/05/16 at 19:48:08

Title: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/05/16 at 19:48:08

Side View

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/05/16 at 19:51:46

Rack w/ HR View

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/05/16 at 19:59:22

HR-1 in Pommele Makore

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/05/16 at 20:01:58

Right Side View

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by mark58 on 09/05/16 at 20:02:04

That's the finish on my HR-1's....nice

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/05/16 at 20:03:33

Torii MKIV & Don Sachs Line Stage

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/05/16 at 20:09:17


  Do yours change color in different lighting?  Sometimes mine look like dark cherry, other times they may look light a light caramel.  Zygi uses the CA glue to seal the veneer.  I'm wondering if it is kind of the same effect as a pearlescent auto finish.

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by mark58 on 09/05/16 at 20:19:15

Well, the Ceiling fan light fixture stopped working in my Music Room/Cave and it's right above my Stereo Setup so I've been too lazy to repair it.  So I don't know is the answer.  It's always pretty dark in the Cave.  But when the lights worked I didn't notice either. To tell the truth, I don't notice such things.  They are beautiful in an understated way.  Do you know what the standard caps are that Zigi uses?  Mark.

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/05/16 at 20:56:12


  Zygi says "I use the Mundorf ZN caps for the series cap to the tweeter and ClarityCaps for the parallel caps in the front/radial drivers".  For me that's spearkereze, so I hope you understand the specifics.  

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by mark58 on 09/05/16 at 21:05:41

Thanks blue, your reply has been copied and saved.  I was just curious and had never asked because at the time, it would have meant nothing to me.  I'll read about them later. Mark. an aside, I am using the Mundorf Supreme 10 ohm resistors externally to tone down the tweeter a little.  If you have highs brighter/louder than you like, experimenting with different values with inexpensive resistors then buying high quality ones once you know what you want, does help quite a bit.

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/05/16 at 21:25:44

Welcome Mark.  As for the tweeter attenuation, I'm coming off a six month trial with a pair of Klipsch Cornwall III's and a tryst with a pair of Spatial M3 Turbo S's.  Both of the latter had pronounced highs.  Right now I'm finding the HR's mid-highs very smooth and non fatiguing.  Time will tell.

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by beowulf on 09/07/16 at 06:01:19

Wow, great and cozy looking room ... All the tones of the speakers, amp and rack all blend nicely!

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/07/16 at 15:13:48

Thanks Beowulf!  The fact that it matches at all is actually a fluke.  The room has some weird or should I say unique qualities.  There are no treatments at all.  But the sound is glorious.  I can't prove it, but I'm thinking that the 12 ft. bay window somehow impacts the sound.  And I also assume just enough hardwood and just enough rug.  Lots of seating too on all three of the other walls.

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by litefootdan on 09/12/16 at 00:20:48

How do you like that pre from Don Sachs?  I stumbled across the kit version of that line stage several years ago when I was searching for upgrades to a Pas-3 I had bought.  Eventually I bought the kit versions of the phono stage and line stage Don offers.  It looks like he tweeks them a quite a bit more than I did.  At any rate, I think that combination of line stage and the Torii IV work very well together.
Thanks for posting about your system and room, it all looks fantastic,

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/12/16 at 06:05:13

Thanks Dan!  Just a word about the room because I think the line stage has helped it a bit.  First, it's not my space.  I'm a minister and this particular appointment had a parsonage.  So I went from having a dedicated space that I owned and was able to do what I wanted with to  making do with the space I'm in now. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice home.  But as you might imagine, I can't do any treatments in the room.  And, the room presents several issues both good and bad. (Based on my perception.)  There is a 12 ft. bay window on the front wall, a recessed entry way off to the left that juts out the side wall on that side; a open door frame to the front right, and a set of french doors just to the right and behind the optimal listening position.  It has proved difficult to work out the placement on several different speakers.  However, a recent acquisition of a pair of HR1's has helped this immensely.  They are definitely more forgiving.  I relate all of this regarding the room because the pre has made everything better that I've put it in front of.  And I've tried four different amps in the last 2 1/2 months.   I could be wrong, but I'm convinced it has helped enhance the sound with some of the things the room might have muddied.  At the same time, much trial and error arranging of the room has helped too.  We've wore ourselves out moving the rug, sofa, love seat and two recliners around until we found that arranging everything in a wide horseshoe around and in front of that bay window somehow produces very good sound.  But, I know for sure the pre helped it sound better.
So, back to your comment about Don's Pre.  I asked him to tweak it a bit further.  For the output capacitors, I had Don add a pair of the Duelund CAST PIO-Cu/s.  (Once they got about 100 hours on them, WOW) I also went overboard and added a quad of the Shuguang Black Treasure CV181z tubes.  I've heard it with some NOS Sylvania 6SN7's too.  The NOS tubes were very nice; but the Shuguang's are much better.  They've definitely made a very audible difference. I also got the remote option.

To be honest, I was wanting to order Steve's new Pre.  But, I felt like it was just too much to spend right now.  So I went with Don and had some money left over.  Then, as fate, or luck or perhaps divine intervention would have it, we got to hear a pair of the HR-1's and ended up buying them.  If I had bought the new Pre from Steve, I couldn't have afforded the HR's anytime soon. At the moment, we are very happy with the sound.  I think the component buying is done for the foreseeable future.  But I'm sure there is some tweaking to do.

I would still like to hear Steve's pre.  Actually I'd like to hear them head to head. Not sure that will ever happen.  But, I do know that I am very happy with Don's iteration of the pre. 

How do you like that phone stage?   My brother in law is thinking of building himself one.


Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by litefootdan on 09/14/16 at 17:26:59

Wow, it sounds like you've been down quite a path in finding how to maximize your space. That's dedication ;)  I really haven't been able to run that line stage with many other amps because I don't really have other amps that would allow it to work well. I also can't seem to pry it away from the Torii.

Regarding tubes, that has been a bit of a rabbit hole for me. The dang thing is so revealing that tubes become like little equalizes to me. I haven't run any current production tubes in it (except for the EH's it came with). But I have found some old tubes that really dazzle.

The phono stage is just as engaging to me as well. It is very tube responsive. The best glass you can throw at it will yield the highest satisfaction.  Originally I stuffed the board with the Wima caps supplied. Later I decided to replace all the important Wimas with Audyns, a very nice improvement.  If I can find a link documenting one gentleman's build I will PM you it. It was helpful to me.

I too have wondered strongly about Decware offerings. I almost feel guilty for not having Steve's stuff upstream. But I love the DIY nature if getting a kit done. It is pretty satisfying to listen to your own builds. One day I will have a ZP3- at least I hope.

Title: Re: Our Zen Space
Post by Blueone302 on 09/15/16 at 01:49:39

Dan, I'm not sure if I'm dedicated.  My wife might say I'm Audio  OCD.  And yes, if you can find that info on the plans, please send it my way. Thanks. J

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