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Title: Mk III Power tubes
Post by Lon on 08/16/16 at 16:22:43

Just thought I'd start a thread to discuss power tubes.

I've been using three different types this  year, and enjoying each. At the beginning of the year I was using TAD KT-66 and was very happy with them. A very open midrange and the high frequency response was sweet and yet detailed. The lower frequencies were strong and deep. This quad had over a year on them though and it was time to change.

So I tried the Reflector 6P3S-E in a cryo'd version. Boy these took a long time to break in and have bass. But it was nice to be experiencing the Hazen Grid Mod again, and in time I learned to love them. There's just a shade less lower frequency output than I'd like, and so my mind got to wandering and I remembered how much I enjoyed the JJ 6CA7s (and though others had reliability problems with them I did not) so I ordered a cryo'd quad and am now listening to these. I got very used to the tight bass in the Reflektors and this is a bit looser, but I can adjust that to be almost identical. I like the highs, the midrange has just a tiny bit of edge to it that I wish weren't there, but the tubes are new.

Throughout this I began to realize that with the amazing flexibility the Mk III has you can use many tube types and get very satisfying sound. I have to say I am thankful every day for the treble cut circuit and the bass controls on my Torii Mk III. They make this a very flexible and capable amplifier that with the right speakers (I feel the HR-1s really suit the amp) can dish out great sound for years and years.

What output tubes are you Mk III owners using now?

Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by JD on 08/17/16 at 13:23:26

I've settled in with a quad of NOS RFT Seimens with the short base. Great sound, nice balance. I've got a couple quads of these and the short base sound a little fuller than the larger base. They have been in for about 6 months now.


Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by Lon on 08/17/16 at 13:34:37

Cool JD. I haven't tried NOS tubes in the Mk III having had so much luck with new production. And I go through them faster than some, and new production are more affordable! But I bet those sound great.

Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by JD on 08/17/16 at 14:45:37

Yeah these weren't too bad, i think 250 a quad. I'm done paying more than that.  I've been battling the music getting too loud too quickly so I've gone back to nice pair of early 50's Sylvania OB3 rectifiers.  It allows me so much more freedom in dialing in my torii and csp2+ just right. I love that layering and 3d depth with the volume not too loud.

Happy listening Lon,


Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by Lon on 08/17/16 at 14:49:13

I'm using a magic pair of OB3s as well, mine are labeled Arcturus, Will says that these are made by Sylvania. I also have a pair of matched Sylvanias that don't quite sound as good as these. I have built my tube complement around these. I found that 7308s bested 6N1Ps with these and I really like how things sound.

Thanks for weighing in.

Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by Bflat on 12/17/16 at 22:06:56

First post on this forum. Bought my Torii III almost two years ago from a member here. Previously I was using an Ars Sonum amp to drive my Merlin VSM-SE's. The amp developed a transformer hum (audible from 10 feet) and getting it fixed would be expensive due to the fact the builder of the amp will not back up his product with a known manufacturing defect. With the Torii, I know Steve stands behind his products.
Last night a friend (who is taking the Ars home with him to try) and I spent the evening listening to the Ars Sonum. It's a good sounding amp (nothing near the hype you read on the internet), very smooth and listenable with good imaging. Highs somewhat rounded off and a bit of woolly bass.
In comparison, the Torii sounds like a veil has been lifted. Better detail, more extended highs, tighter bass. Less euphonic, more accurate. And, unlike the Ars, it's completely silent. Very happy I made the switch.
I'm using JJ 6CA7's. Tried the Gold Lion KT-77 for a while. Very good tube, bass is impressive but to my ear the 6AC7's have better detail and tonal richness. Tried a number of different input tubes but I think the 6N1P works the best for me.

Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by Lin on 12/17/16 at 23:25:47

Nice first post, thanks.

Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by Lon on 12/18/16 at 03:03:14


Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by JD on 12/28/16 at 13:28:49

I've gone back to my psvane 6ca7-t power tubes. The RFT tubes are good but I forgot how great these sound. I forgot why I had taken the psvane's out but yesterday my speakers starting popping/acting up and I knew it was my power tubes. I took them out and thoroughly cleaned the connections and the sockets with deoxit this morning and so far today 2 hrs in they are sounding full. Great depth, air and texture. Much more than I heard with the RFT which were tight and very clean but not deep at all. The Psvane's have much more depth and separation of both instruments and musicians. Much livelier.


Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by JD on 01/05/17 at 21:29:32

Alright so decided to try a quad of psvane 5881's. They are inexpensive and boy they sound fantastic. As Will noted somewhere the bottom end is tighter, clearer and less muddy than el34's.  I'm only in my 3rd hour and i'm looking forward to seeing how they open up. If the midrange can blossom I'll be psyched. They are quieter than my 6ca7 and el34's so i increased the output of my csp2+ one notch (6 to 7) to increase energy output to the Torii III.

Definitely have some tweaking to do with settings If I keep these in but so far so good.


Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by JD on 11/19/17 at 14:09:50

Why not revive this thread as my tube compliment continues to evolve. I've recently been enthralled with RCA 6l6gc and equivalents. I've been able to start listening for about 10-15 hrs and  I have been excited with the results. They are most definitely different that my previous fav 6ca7-z from Psvane. THey are tighter, more focused and snappy. The only lacking factor that I miss is the airiness that I find in some el34 types in my system. New speakers are also playing a role and since they are efficient 97db it is no wonder I'm hearing what I feel is the most accurate reproduction of sound i have heard in my system.  I just have to get used to it.  I must stop trying to figure out how this sounds so good and sit back and listen.
Here's to the Raiders upsetting the Pats in Mexico today! (Yeah I know it's a longshot.)


Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by Lon on 11/19/17 at 16:43:35

Great that the Mk III is back and sounding so well!

The Torii Mk III is a tremendous machine capable of such a variety of sounds! With the tonal controls, speaker ohm setting, bias setting and the input, voltage regulation for both input and output, rectification and power tube choices to play with . . . it's like a multitude of configurations waiting to be unlocked.

In my system add to that the PS Audio P10 and its different modes and settings and there's even more variety and refinement at hand. And now the ZROCK2 is on hand and controlling things with another layer of tonal shaping, from subtle to overwhelming.

I remain curious about the ZMA due to all the testimonials and due to Steve personally explaining its nature to me more clearly, but honestly. . . the Torii Mk III is never boring and always delivering amazing sound!

My current complement: JJ 6CA7 (cryo'd), RCA 5V4 bottle shape, RCA 0A3 bottle shape, Tesla 11TA31 (0A2 variant), Lorentz PCC189 input tubes.

Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by JD on 11/19/17 at 18:20:48

THanks Lon,

My current tube lineup is: rca 6l6gc, sylvania 0b3, mullard gz32, seimens e188cc, 75c1.


Title: Re: Mk III Power tubes
Post by jameskk on 02/01/18 at 11:34:25

for some reason the tori 111 manual restricts output tubes to the EL34, don't know why . read!

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