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Message started by Rich on 04/29/16 at 01:34:20

Title: My Zen Room
Post by Rich on 04/29/16 at 01:34:20

My wife let me take over a spare bedroom to use as a listening room.  I was inspired by some of the folks is this forum and built some OB's to go with my SE84UFO.

I'm trying to attach a picture from my photo library on my iPad but don't know how to do it.  The choose file function does not seem to work.

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Donnie on 04/29/16 at 01:53:17

Tell us about your OB's. What drivers did you use?

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Rich on 04/29/16 at 02:23:37

I'm using Wild Borro Betsy's as full range drivers off the SE84, and I'm using MCM 55-2981 10" woofers driven off a Dayton plate amp.  I made the baffel's from walnut and curly maple hardwood.

If someone can tell be how, I will post pictures

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by beowulf on 04/29/16 at 07:12:57

Hi Rich, try these steps to post your images:

1. You need to upload your pictures to a "free" online host such as Photobucket.

2. Then go to your picture on the Photobucket website and (a) right click on top of the actual picture, (b) select Properties, (c) when the Properties window opens up highlight the Address: (URL) link (it will have a .jpg at the end of the address), (d) right click again on the address you just highlighted and select Copy.

Similarly, there are a set of icons above the picture on the Photobucket website (right of the Facebook, Twitter, etc. icons).  There is an icon that looks like chain links called "Get link codes".  By clicking that you can copy the Direct code and then follow the next steps.  

Now that you have the Adress: URL path copied, you need to paste it over at the Decware Website, so the rest takes place on the Decware website.

3. The third button over is the Insert Image button, (a) click that button, (b) paste the picture's Address: URL (that you copied from Photobucket) in between [img ] paste Address: URL here [/img] (with no spaces).

4. Then click the Post button and that should be it ...

It seems like a lot of steps, but once you get the hang of it ... it only takes a few seconds. 8-)
It should appear something like this:

[img ][/img]

Notice that there is a space (highlighted in yellow), this space is only there so you can see what the code should look like, however when posting for real - there should be no space or it won't appear.

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by lLance on 04/29/16 at 15:12:33

Rich, what are the dimensions of your room? My wife was generous enough to let me have a spare bedroom for my stereo, 14.5 X 14.5 X 10' high.

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Rich on 04/30/16 at 00:22:25

Thanks Beowulf for the instructions, I will try this tomorrow.
ILance, the room is 9x12 with  8' ceiling.  Not the best case.  To get around it I use a lot of room treatment.  I have QRD defuser's behind the OB's.  I have base traps and absorption panels behind my listening chair.  Thanks to the OB's and Steve's great SE 84 amp the sound is pretty good.  For a front end I have a Bluesound vault music server and a Schiit Bifrost multibit dac.  I have a large sound stage and great detail.  It really does sound like I'm in a much larger room.

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Rich on 04/30/16 at 22:21:39

pictures of the room and speakers

[IMG]" alt="" border="0" />[/img]

[IMG]" alt="" border="0" />[/img]

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by beowulf on 04/30/16 at 23:43:57

Almost there ...

So I clicked on one of your pics from the PhotoBucket site and on the picture's webpage (and to the right of your picture) there are links (i.e. Email and IM, Direct, HTML and Image.

(1) If you click on the "Direct", it will copy your image's URL (to the Windows clipboard).  (2) Then you go to the Decware page and use the "Insert Image" link then paste the direct link you copied from the photobucket website in between [img ]paste link here[/img] (note the yellow highlight is a space that I placed into the code so you can see it, but there should be no spaces)

It will look like this ... this is the actual link that I got from your image (but again remove the space that I have highlighted)

[img ][/img]

Without the spaces it will look like this:

Awesome room by the way and those speakers are really cool looking!

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Rich on 05/01/16 at 00:06:37

Thanks Beowulf for your help with posting the pics.

This is the a pic of the absorber panels behind the listening chair

This ones the back of the speakers.

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Brian on 06/07/16 at 07:15:41

Rich, I very much like the two tone art Deco styling of your speakers.


Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Rich on 06/07/16 at 20:37:31

Thanks Brian,  Woodworking is my other hobby so this project was perfect for me.  

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by hdrider on 06/07/16 at 21:09:56

Rich - Nice, very very nice. Enjoy and remember to have fun and include the others in the family. Happy listening, Chris.

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by darrwood on 07/06/16 at 05:30:09

I just saw your speakers, they look nice.  how do you like them after a good breakin time?

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Rich on 07/15/16 at 01:23:07

I like them a lot.  I had the Betsy drivers in Randy's baffel's for awhile and thought they were great. I wanted to add woofers for better base but did not want to add another set of baffel's.  I fooled around with some plywood prototypes and liked the way they sounded.  I then built the finished speakers from walnut and maple.

There a little more fussy with placement then Randy's baffel's but once there placed right they sound about the same with the added benefit of good base.

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by darrwood on 07/15/16 at 01:38:27

would like to see pics. interested in OB's

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Rich on 07/16/16 at 03:47:36

Darrwood, the pics in this tread are my finished speakers.  If you want to try OB's, you can't go wrong with Randy's/Caintuck's.  Steve now sells them through this site.  They really sound amazing, especially for their cost.  You can add base by adding woofers if needed.

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Palomino on 09/07/16 at 23:16:42

Nice looking baffles Rich.

Where do you have the crossover on the plate amp set?

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Rich on 09/10/16 at 06:09:30

The Dayton plate has a variable crossover so I don't know for sure.  I think it's crossing over between 80 and 100.  I am in the process of replacing the plate amp with a Crown XLS

Title: Re: My Zen Room
Post by Palomino on 09/12/16 at 11:46:41

I think you will like the crown.   I've seen some on eBay for as little as $160 + shipping.

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