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Message started by Stefan on 08/16/15 at 01:22:51

Title: ERRx vs. B&W 805
Post by Stefan on 08/16/15 at 01:22:51

Now that I have my ERRx for over 100hrs here my review compared to my B&W 805 Nautilus.

- the ERRx have a Mungdorf Silver oil cap as upgrade.
- my listening room is tiny: 9 x 10 ft

I ordered my Torii together with the ERRx, and got the Torii before the ERRx. The Torii already made the music sound so much better with the B&W that I was questioning if I should have really ordered the ERRx....

After hearing them, the short summary is: I'm glad I ordered them!

The best thing about the B&W IMHO is their design and craftsmanship, they look and feel awesome. The ERRx are well made and I also like how the look, but the B&W are in a different league.

Now for the sound: the B&W sound good with Pop and small orchestras but lack bass and the treble is very sharp, to the point that it can hurt my ears.
The ERRx have so much bass in my little room that I needed to buy 6 bass traps from G&K acoustic (4 stacked in the two corners, 2 opposite on the wall). Once I had that the bass was under control. The soundstage is awesome compared to the B&W and it sounds a lot more homogeneous. They sound great for small or large orchestra and also do great with pop as long as it is not too bass heavy. Best thing is that they cause me goosebumps while listening to music! Given their price that is amazing and they are worth every penny!
Thanks Bob for bringing so much joy listening to music into my small room!

Side note: Even though the B&W claim to be 87dB and the ERRx 93dB I had the volume basically at the same level on the Torri, around the middle.

Now the B&W will move back to the living room and serve in the surround sound system.

Title: Re: ERRx vs. B&W 805
Post by Elgordito on 08/29/17 at 13:56:07

How close do you have them to the wall or do you pull them into the room. I have a similar size room (10x11) and am very instested in the errx. Also how close to the back wall do you sit.

Title: Re: ERRx vs. B&W 805
Post by Tommy Freefall on 08/29/17 at 20:13:28

The ERRxs are a radial design, so they sound much better when placed away from the front and side walls. However, the good thing when using them in a small room, is they offer excellent near field sound. You can position yourself very close to them.

Title: Re: ERRx vs. B&W 805
Post by Elgordito on 08/30/17 at 04:58:49

Perfect thanks for the reply, would a 1' to 2' from wall work also do they play all genres well.

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