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Message started by Stefan on 03/29/15 at 23:42:12

Title: My new Torii IV
Post by Stefan on 03/29/15 at 23:42:12

My new Torii looks awesome next to my Woo head phone amp.

The Torii is currently powering B&W 805N's until I get my new ERRx. My input is a Rega RP 6 + Exact 2 and a Launge phono pre-amp. IC's and speaker cable are Decware. For the power supply I use a Triplight Isotransformer, installed in the garage, and high quality romex wire with hifi plugs at the end.

After 15 years of only listing to music on my home theatre system I finally got myself a stereo system for my small  (9 x 10 ft) bedroom and with around 200hrs on the Torii I'm excited how much fun it is again to listen to music.

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by Lonely Raven on 03/30/15 at 01:52:48

Nice looking setup!

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by Lon on 03/30/15 at 02:42:45

Looks great! You are going to love the ERRx!

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by Acetone on 03/31/15 at 18:19:01

Nice!! Any other upgrades planned after the ERR's ?

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by Stefan on 04/01/15 at 05:18:32

Thanks guys!
I'm looking forward to the ERRx, they should be the next ones being build.
After that I have a wish list that is longer than my pockets are deep ...
Steve's new DAC is likely next on my list, then either the new preamp or the modification for the Torii with additional left/right volume controls, finally I want to try out some time if Steve's phone preamp does sound better for my ears than the Lounge. Right now I'm enjoying the Torii with some Haydn and Morzart  :)

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by jsm71 on 04/08/15 at 15:14:21

I had the Torii IV prior to getting my ZMA.  It sounded wonderful, but I simply needed a little more oomph for my 87dB speakers.  A local friend who changes gear like clothing had a Torii III with ERR speakers for awhile.  It was a very nice combination.  The 3D imaging with the ERR's is very compelling.  You will also enjoy having improved dynamics with the higher efficiency speakers.

If I ever changed my listening habits away from sitting in the sweet spot I could see getting a pair of ERRs for a general use room.  These will setup well anywhere.

Let us know your impressions when you get them.

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by Stefan on 04/09/15 at 04:23:36

Sure, I'll report how the ERRx compare to the B&W. The B&W are also 87dB, but my room is tiny so I can turn it up a bit over my normal listing level without any clipping. When turning it further up I can hear that the higher frequencies sound harsher and 'stressed'.
To be honest, the B&W sound really good now that the Torii has 250hrs on it, and if I would have the choice now to order the ERRx I would have really hesitated, good thing I ordered them way back in Jan :-) . The Torii make the B&W sound so much better compared to my Denon ACV-A1SR (which was a $5000 surround sound amp 15 years ago when I got it...)!

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by Urbs on 04/11/15 at 14:52:06

Good looking setup.  

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by RingingEars on 05/15/15 at 03:54:02

The Tori looks so good.

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by beowulf on 05/15/15 at 08:16:13

Great looking and well though out system!

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by Guillaume Bougard on 08/07/15 at 14:19:06

a torii 4 in a 9x10 room, that must be sounding quite full!!!

Title: Re: My new Torii IV
Post by Stefan on 08/07/15 at 15:43:03

Yes, it does sound great, it also heats up the room quite a bit in summer though... but the sweating is worth it!

I'll soon write up my listening experiences with the Torii and the B&W 805 vs. ERRx, but for both speakers I have the volume set to half on the Torii for my normal listing.

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