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I don't come to the forum often enough to get the latest info. When I read that new FRX2 drivers were ready to ship, it made me wonder how many of you out there have ordered and received them. Having owned these for about 2 years now, I still haven't changed my mind. My only regret is that they weren't made 20 years prior.

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Was thinking of taking the plunge with the ZOB's cuz i've been wanting a pair of crossover less speakers as a 2nd pair to have with my ERR's.  Did you build your own or buy the ZOB's? Are these drivers really that good?



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 Like many of you out there, I have owned a mountain of equipment. Buy and sell was a common thing. I do have regrets about some of things that I sold, but there are just a few products that stay for good. That is the way that I feel about these drivers. There is a big bonus with them in that they have a switch on the back that selects between two different sounds. The most open sound is great if you have a pristine recording/system and wish to hear everything it has to offer. The second position is a good idea for those CD recordings that were mixed in a rush and have the good ol' strident quality to them (SuperTramps' 'Breakfast in America" comes to mind=yeeeeoow). I won't claim that it makes everything alright, but at least a step in the right direction. Another big point for me about these speakers is no shout. I am VERY sensitive about this problem with most single driver systems. Now, lastly, there can be bass. I say 'can' be, because it won't come from nowhere, the recording must have it to begin with. Having said that, I do occasionally use a sub. Almost always at very low levels, unless the recording just doesn't have much to offer in the first place.  I don't want to sound like some kind of cheerleader here, so I'll leave to others to express their opinions as well. Lastly, if you just don't have the bucks, you can try a driver from Common Sense audio. I did try them and was surprised what sound they gave for $500 a pair. In the end, I went the FRX2, but not by as big a margin as others may need to justify the price.
I did make my own cabinets, since I formerly built solid WOOD furniture. I used 13 ply Baltic birch for the cabinet sides, 2" thick cherry for the baffles, and solid rosewood for the backs. For this effort, I have been richly rewarded.
One more thing, never take anything for granted. Experiment with this design if you want. I did, and I am glad for it.

Ok, I'm done....for now.

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I assume the driver you are referring to is this?

The Audio Nirvana 'Super 8 ALNICO' ($499/pr) has a frequency response from 46 hz to almost 20,000 hz. You can expect at least 94 db efficiency in any of our cabinets. It handles 20 watts continuous RMS (normal listening level will be about 2/10 watt). Impedance is 8 ohms. Voicecoil is 1.4 inches (35.5mm). Magnet weight is .8 lbs. Total weight is 8 lbs. The cone is made of paper. The surround is accordion style and made of treated cloth. The phase plug is copper anodized, machined solid aluminum. The Alnico magnet is made of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt and is stronger than normal ferrite/ceramic magnets. Our alnico magnet models are the smoothest Audio Nirvana models and make the most bass.

Do you think they are worth the extra $100 over the TB W8-1808's that Steve found to work well in the ZOB's?  I don't have the money (okay, that's not true ... I don't have spousal approval) for a pair of FRX2's, so I'm looking for the next best option.  I'm currently looking for a pre-owned pair that are already broken in.  The cutting for the cabinet boards starts tomorrow!



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Having only heard the AN driver(yes the one you describe is the one I used) and the FRX2, it is not possible for me to reason about the TB driver. I have wanted to hear it, but it shot up in price, waaay up, and I found that to be a big turn off. I consider it to be taking advantage of the customer 'wants.' IIRC it was only about $100 ea. Then when it got popular, it rose to over $300. Really guys? Triple the price? At that point, I lost interest.
 A question that I would ask is, would buying a less expensive AN driver be worth it. I would want a cast basket, but the magnet material might give you a place to budge on price.

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