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Message started by Lon on 01/12/14 at 15:36:41

Title: New HR-1 speakers
Post by Lon on 01/12/14 at 15:36:41

We really need a forum for the HR-1 speakers.

About four weeks ago I received my new HR-1 speakers and put them into my second system and ran them about 18 hours a day except the first week when I ran them 24 hours a day. Yeah, I want them to be broken in. My experience with other Decware speakers built by Bob leads me to believe I need another 500 hours or more before they are as full and swift as they are going to be and that (like the Decware amps) they'll sound even better over time as they season more.

So I put them into my main system last night, I just couldn't wait any longer. The pair that resided there for years previously were one of the very last prototypes, and Bob has told me the main difference between my old and new set are the capacitors. I didn't expect the new pair to clobber the old pair in all aspects. And . . .well they didn't. They still don't have thet "ease" of sound and the frequenies are still tight and crispy sounding. This is most evident on well-recorded piano (and I've spent many many hours on a piano stool so I know the sound) . . . there's still a bit of 'clangor' to the sound of the piano, it's not got that easy and swift attack yet that makes the sound more real and less electronic. But I know that it will come in time. The new pair may be just a tad more "resolving" than the older pair, which can be a good thing. . . and on a lot of my recordings not as desirable. We'll see. I haven't taken the older pair up to the second system yet. . . I'm going to see if I can wait out the next days as these season more, carrying them upstairs and then back downstairs is something I don't relish. But the new set are beautiful speakers (I can't take photos but I got a maple finish which really goes well with the maple shelves of my Samson racks). Just lovely to look at. And excellent sounding, with more excellence to come.

Wish I had more listening time at home!

Title: Re: New HR-1 speakers
Post by jsm71 on 01/14/14 at 15:09:05

Lon, I've always enjoyed breaking in new gear.  Maybe I'm different but I like hearing the subtle changes as things come into their own, or they at least sound markedly better inch by inch.  You are blessed to have multiple systems to enjoy.  

I'm a newbie to Decware gear and to tube amps in general.  My Torii MK IV has once again reached another level of refinement just in the last couple of weeks.  I really don't know how many notches are left but it is sounding so sweet.  I've got a ZMA on order and will be cycling the MK IV.  Given the heft of the transformers and those big caps I can only assume break in will be a higher climb.

Enjoy the new speakers.


Title: Re: New HR-1 speakers
Post by Lon on 01/14/14 at 15:18:43

I generally enjoy it too.

My current life though has me spending almost all my time at my parents' caring for them, I get three or four hours a day with my system and I just want to listen and watch with deep enjoyment! So I'm preferring the breakin to be brief! (And I already had a fully broken in well-seasoned pair).

The new speakers are about 90 percent there now and I've left them in the main system and moved the previous pair upstairs into the second system. Both pairs sound fantastic!

Definitely will be reading your impressions between the Torii and the ZMA with relish!

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