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Message started by cbauer210 on 11/02/13 at 14:59:05

Title: Leaving Amp on All the Time?
Post by cbauer210 on 11/02/13 at 14:59:05

Hello.....Just like the title says. I'd like to know if leaving my Torr mk3 amp on 24/7 will harm the amp, tubes, or burn down my house.

I have a sonos connect hooked up to one of the inputs and it is a real pain to have to turn the amp on downstairs when I'm upstairs and want the whole house audio system running. With the sonos app on my phone I can control the volume and content...If I could safely leave the amp running all day and night it would be perfect. It also takes my tubes quite a while to warm up so that would be another plus.

Title: Re: Leaving Amp on All the Time?
Post by Lord Soth on 11/03/13 at 06:43:03

I would personally advise against it.

A tube amp should always be treated as a potential fire hazard.

Tubes have a limited lifespan, so unless you are using easily replaceable new production tubes, I would not do so for expensive NOS tubes.

On the other hand, there is a school of thought that postulates that tube (and the amp too) have their lives shortened due to repeated turning on and off cycles which places heating stress on them.

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