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Title: 6922 Tube Issue
Post by RJR on 10/21/13 at 12:28:00

My MK3 is about a year old and I have only recently began to tube roll.  About a week ago one of the stock 6922 began to loudly click as I raised and lowered the volume.  I know it is the tube because I moved it to the other side and it began to do the same thing.

Moving ahead.  I was able to use another set of 6922 the other day and one side began making a hissing-type sound.  Almost like someone breathing into the microphone (difficult to convey).  It was more-or-less intermittent, nevertheless annoying.  Again, I isolated the problem with one tube only.  

Do 6922 (input tubes in general) last?
Is this a common problem?
Have any of you experienced issues like this and is this just the norm with tube amps?
What 6922 or input tubes seem to be long lasting?

Any advice is appreciated.

Title: Re: 6922 Tube Issue
Post by orangecrush on 10/21/13 at 15:58:07

They should last many years. Since they are in the input position (like preamp tube) always buy the best grade tubes tested for microphonics. Try a set of Genalex Gold Lion 6922 from Ron at CyroSet. Cyro end tubes for the same price or even a bit less then other vendor. I just ordered a set based on the huge amounts of positive internet reviews.

I love my 1970's 6N1P's also from CyroSet, they will last for forever! But they put out a little less gain and so some have trouble with them. Work great for me, but I still want to try the Gold Lions.

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