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Post by 4krow on 09/23/11 at 14:46:17

My repaired FRX drivers may be shipping today or Monday. When they arrive, I will use this thread to post my impressions/photos. As you can tell, I am anxious to see what I can can.  Stay Tuned....

Post by 4krow on 09/25/11 at 00:23:26

Gettin the cabinets ready for the 'date' (new paint job). It is an oil based paint, but with a top coat of reflective paint. From this angle there are a few 'shadows', but maybe you can get the idea. Except with flash, the effect is very faint.

Post by Damien on 09/30/11 at 20:47:42

Excited? Yes you are. I know exactly how you feel as well since I just got a ship notice from Decware on my DFR8 Drivers as well.

Title: Re: broken heart
Post by 4krow on 09/30/11 at 21:26:33

The real news just hit: Can't fix the damaged FRX drivers after all. Maybe getting a new pair sometime in the distant future, as backorders exceed production. Not the final chapter though. I am getting closer to the sound that I like with the Audio Nirvana drivers by using the Gizmo and those short horns in the back to load them better to the resonating cabinet. Surprising amount of good clean bass(recording dependent).
While I'm thinking about recordings, I would like to know if anyone has a favorite 'Dark Side of the Moon?' that can be recommended. The one that I own is harsh in places. When I owned the album, I don't recall that to be the case.

Post by Lon on 09/30/11 at 22:32:24

Sorry about your speakers. DSOTM has just been reissued with new mastering. Word on the web is most are happy with it.

Post by opnly_bafld on 10/01/11 at 00:34:26

Sounds like you need to build a couple of OB subs. ;)


Post by 4krow on 10/14/11 at 21:17:15

Just received news that I am back in the running for a new pair of FRX drivers. And coincidently, I have a bite on a sale of older speakers that will help absorb the cost. So, here we go again. To say that I am anxious about it all is right on the button. The FRX drivers do not need bass augmentation as I recall.

Post by Damien on 10/30/11 at 22:08:34

I'm told that the Japan MiniLP version of Dark Side of the Moon is the one you want. But they are pricey..  100-120$

Barring that the 2011 remasters were just released about 16$ at Frys

Post by 4krow on 10/30/11 at 22:42:12

Like,  we pay for stuff more than once 'cuz it was inferior the first time? Well, I'll bite because I don't remember the album having a sound that was hard to listen to.  The MFSL gold cd that I have just doesn't sound right despite it's reputation.

Post by Damien on 11/13/11 at 23:30:38

In the literature for the ZOB, Steve says that people who listen to mostly Rock might still want a small sub. Do you know if this remarks refer to the FRX or if they refer to the DRF8?

Post by 4krow on 11/30/11 at 21:58:12


 I am going to ask just what rock is being listened to first. And, I believe the FRX has more bass than the DFR 8. Presently, I am using an Audio Nirvana driver that seems to have the most bass so far, but can be overdriven easier. There is no free lunch here. The AN driver is not as adapted to OB design, and I have also added a Gizmo to help it's shout. Very picky about the setting to use with the Giz', some trade offs are likely.  BTW, my new FRX drivers may be shipping in a week or two. They will be handled with kid gloves...I may even make an alter.

Post by 4krow on 12/09/11 at 21:27:48


 Just today I was listening to Stings' Brand new world. In the first track, there is a lot of deep bass. The AN drivers that I am using now produced MOST of it, to my surprise. As I remember, the FRX sounded like they had potential. In just few days, I may have a better answer. According to the shipping schedule, the FRX drivers are almost ready to ship! They are being tested as we speak/read. Of course, It takes a considerable amount of time to break them in, but as I recall, the first pair sounded pretty damned impressive right out of the box(in some respects). I can't wait to give occasional updates on the new drivers.

Post by Damien on 12/10/11 at 00:35:44

Cool I am very interested in your evaluation of them

Hoping I have the cash when my name gets to the top of the FRX list

I am a classic rock and electric blues kinda guy. I have a small sub, klipsch driver and cabinet with a cheap plate amp driving it off the CSP2+ subwoofer port. I barely have it on so I a not looking for much help in the bass dept. Hope the FRX's don't need the help.

Title: Re: FRX2 FRX2 FRX2
Post by 4krow on 12/13/11 at 21:47:08

  I feel guilty I feel sneaky I feel bad, but it's not my fault. I didn't do it intentionally. My bad choice led me here. Simply by burning up the first set of FRX drivers, I had to start all over, and wait for Steve to try repair my gut shot drivers. He tried, he really did, and failed because the new parts were just not quite right for this driver. Simple as that. But then a luck, or fate stepped in offering new parts to become available from the manufacturer. In short, something better to work with I guess. The end result is yet another superior driver made by Steve. Faster, and even more accurate. Those are just two improvements being shipped to my door by next Monday. The Chinese say that patience is a virtue. I say, we don't have time for such things nowadays. But here I am, blown away by the fact that this time, I win. I win big. If I see it any other way, you know that it will come out in this forum.... Christmas always was the hardest day to wait for.

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