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Message started by jcharles on 03/21/11 at 08:16:07

Title: Looking for some additional details
Post by jcharles on 03/21/11 at 08:16:07

Hi all,

I have been reading the forum posts for the last week and am new to Decware. The speakers all look like super bargains but they all have completely different design parameters than some of the high-end speakers I have been looking at. I'm sure I will have questions about several of the Decware models before I get an opportunity to listen to them. My first questions concern the MG944's.

Chris K's review linked in another thread said that the woofer and tweeter is crossed over at 12k Hz. However, Chris also said that the woofers were 5". The description of the MG944's on Decware's site states that the woofers are 6" poly drivers. Now one little fiction or fact that I know about speaker design is that a mid-bass driver covering the frequencies from 28 Hz all the way up to 12k Hz (flat) at 94db efficiency would almost be the Holy Grail of mid-bass drivers. Wow. Is this driver proprietary to Decware or sourced elsewhere and modified by Decware? Also, with no crossover on the woofer, how is the distortion from cone break-up handled or is cone break-up not a factor for some reason?

Lastly, the MG944's are 52" tall and also use a passive radiator. Is this a true, quarter wave length tapered TL design? A 52" with a 2" plinth does seem a little short for a flat 28 Hz. Is this where the passive radiator comes in?

Thank you for any input.

Title: Re: Looking for some additional details
Post by Chris K on 03/22/11 at 18:08:54

jcharles since you referenced me I thought I'd answer.
In order of your questions

1. I was told by Zygi that the single cap crossed the tweeter at 12K and of course that would be a 6db per octave slope.

2. The spec on the woofer is 6 inch but I've never seen it referenced. From frame edge to frame edge it measures about 6.5" and across the moving parts of the diaphragm including the surround measure about 5". So all in all quite stunning to hear what this speaker does with these two semi-diminutive drivers. Nominally it could be called a 6.

3. The cones are a specifically treated paper composite cone that have a black sheen that looks like they could be composite, but they are paper. The basket and frame are polymer and seem to me to be molded in one piece.

4. The frequency response is incredibly flat from about 120hz to 10Khz and has no spike in its gradual but precipitous upper roll off. IOW very smooth. The smooth natural upper end lets the tweeter mesh so nicely with this driver with only a single cap. In a cabinet like the MG944 the bass is brought around nicely from 200hz on down. It is a pretty incredible driver. So not exactly "holy grail" but a nice example of its category. The stated sensitivity is 89.9db/W@1 meter. Using two woofers the MG944 rated at 94db is accurate. The response gets a boost from cabinet and use of 2 drivers. SPL is limited and you can spank these speakers enough to ruin the sound and also destroy them, but the clean loudness I've gotten from these speakers from 15 watts is both brutal (in a good way) and very listenable. 28hz flat? Steve could explain that I can't. They play deep and tight.

5. Cone break-up? How's that handled with any cone driver run full range? Stiffness? Nelson Pass and his cronies have been playing around with Feastrex and other exotic paper/fiber cone full range (extended?) drivers of late in open baffle designs, and if he's not worried about it with 8" full rangers I'm thinking this little 5"/6" is not effected much.

5. The driver is easily available.

6. The 52" must be a typo. More like 42" tall. I'll measure mine.

7."True" quarter wave length tapered TL? is any tapered column of air captured by a solid boundary a true anything? There are horn behaviors and quarter wave resonances and bass reflex anomalies going on in many hybrid designs. Think of this
but folded in half and stuffed into the MG944. My explanation may be too simple but that is the general idea. Instead of a front "port" the big end terminates into a passive firing down onto the top of the plinth or "foot" of the MG944. Bass pressure is out the gap between the plinth and the cabinet. I'm not sure there is a technical answer to this question. I would not want to figure it out though. This speaker sounds good.

Title: Re: Looking for some additional details
Post by walt on 03/28/11 at 01:26:17

 So how tall is the MG944?  How could you typo the wrong height and not proof read it?

Title: Re: Looking for some additional details
Post by Chris K on 03/28/11 at 18:46:26

Mine are the original with the cleft "carlson slot" style cut at the front bottom and they measure 39". The plinth base type newer version might differ slightly but I don't have an example of that here. If you put the speaker on some large cone type spikes I imagine that could add an inch or two. Hope this helps.

As I said this speaker is a "no brainer". It is worth twice the price.

Title: Re: Looking for some additional details
Post by Rivieraranch on 03/28/11 at 23:17:51

I think you can get bogged down with specifications and comparing numerical values for drivers, enclosures, etc., but the acid test is bringing the speakers into your home and settling them in, listening and then you'll find out that these are better than bargained for.  

Title: Re: Looking for some additional details
Post by Chris K on 03/29/11 at 03:53:41

I been sayin Riv! ;D

Title: Re: Looking for some additional details
Post by will on 04/10/11 at 23:06:37

Mine are the newer version without cutout....and with the plinth. They are 37 3/8 high plinth bottom to speaker top. Add with the spikes I got, Madisound YSC1/4-20  spikes ...38 inches. I don't know if they ship now with spikes or not, but when I got mine they did not come with the speaker and these are the ones ZYGI said to try.

If it matters, add 1/8 inch to the above because I did reduce the plinth spacer by about 1/8 between plinth and box to help solve bass issues I was having in my system/room. They still go very low, the bass sending vibration through my brick floor and other stuff. I think they are great speakers!

Title: Re: Looking for some additional details
Post by will on 04/12/11 at 17:46:20

I recently spoke with ZYGI, and after my bass issues with the Torii/MG944s, he checked it out, finally deciding to reduce the MG944 plinth to radiator space. The current speakers have a 1/4 inch space for the passive radiator between the plinth and speaker box ....the same distance I arrived at with my experiments. Not that all my bass issues were the speakers and how the Torii's amazing bass pushed them, but it is cool that ZYGI got right to checking it out, just in case.

I love it how these guys are working to refine the gear exactly in time with noticing the possibility for improvements (no matter how subtle), and then they explore and refine to suit their long developed tastes as listeners and builders.

And back to this thread origins, how ZYGI got the bass he did out of this variation of transmission line speaker??? Well I don't know, but in my experience, these speakers have very deep, articulate and palpable bass....not dissimilar to having a sub in the system. To me, better really, because it is all designed into this same very balanced sounding package without unnecessary complications!

Lucky us!!!

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