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Title: CSP 2 with IEM earsonic SM3
Post by settembrini2 on 11/17/10 at 21:49:14

Hello, I am from Germany and I use a CSP 2 together with the wonderful austrian AKG K-701 - it's really a great combination, perfect sound, no hum, no noise.

Some weeks ago I tried the fine french IEMs SM3 from earsonic with the CSP 2 - for the first time I hear a slight, but distracting hum from this OTL-headphone amp.

Perhaps it has to do with the enormous efficiency-factor (122dB/mW) and the low-impedance (34 Ohm) of this In-Ears - is the CSP 2 an unqualified amplifier with these delicate Monitors ?

Thank you for an anwer !

Title: Re: CSP 2 with IEM earsonic SM3
Post by Juan Antonio on 12/09/10 at 00:00:52


I must say yes, the low-impedance is the main reason. Also be sure the K701 sound as always because sometimes the problem could be a tube, a cable and its shielding, the position and distance between the cable and the transformer and stuff like that.

The CSP2 sounds its optimum for headphones with high impedance. Even the K701 is not really a high impedance headphone. I'd say the best combinations are your german Sennheisers HD600/650/800 (300 ohm) or Beyerdynamic (250 ohms/ Tesla1 600 ohm).

As I know very well these sennheiser's because of I actually own them all, they perform quite well with it. They are typically a bit cold, except the darker and warmer HD650, so the warmest possible tubey sound is perfect for them to achieve a good balance. It's of course my opinion.

Title: Re: CSP 2 with IEM earsonic SM3
Post by settembrini2 on 12/12/10 at 18:37:20

Hi Juan,

that's what I suspected - meanwhile I tried those other fine M-Audio IE-30 and the Etymotic ER4P: the same problem.
I assume, these IEMs are very very susceptible detectors for the ultra-slightest remains of hum and noise - the noise-floor of the CSP 2 seemed to be ideal for a tube amp, but these IEMs disabused me... it is still a lot of noise voltage there, too little for headphones, but regrettably too much for In Ears !

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