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Message started by Hajj on 10/03/10 at 13:26:45

Title: My system SE34-I
Post by Hajj on 10/03/10 at 13:26:45

Here's mine
First pic is a panoramic view of the room, shown in the middle is my listening position (where a laptop sits in the chair)
Second pic is a closeup of the amp/preamp setup.
The setup consists of a musicstreamer USB DAC playing mostly Flac files, into a zkit 4/5 then a Lighter note LDR attenuator into the SE34-I, out into a pair of audio nirvana super 12's in a 190 Liters BR boxes.
I have a little problem with the setup's imaging, so if anyone has any suggestions, please don't hesitate to jump in.
At this point any advice is welcome.
The problem i'm facing is that with mid and low frequency sound imaging is perfect, very focused soundstage is deep, but with the higher frequencies (Crash cymbals, high pitched guitar solos) the imaging crumbles, and i hear the sounds in each speaker separately.
As you can see, the room is relatively live, and the section to left of the listening position, to the left of the left speaker is made out of a concrete block bar with some extra space behind it.
There seems a very consistent cutoff frequency at which imaging is lost, because when i'm listening to guitar solos, and as the guitar's sound goes from low to high, i can gear the image snap in and out.
It's driving me nuts  :(
Btw, the room is 12x17 ft (the 12 ft being from right sidewall to the bar wall, there's an extra 5.5 ft from the bar wall to the left sidewall)

Title: Re: My system SE34-I
Post by Hajj on 10/03/10 at 13:29:51

Amp/preamp closeup

Title: Re: My system SE34-I
Post by Jon on 10/03/10 at 19:44:53

Hi Hajj,

Have you played around with the toe in/out of the speakers? I'm not sure if that will help out that much since your low and mid imaging is spot on.  In my experience with some recordings, it does not matter what I do, the imaging on certain instruments always seems to come from the speaker.  Your problem might be the recording.

I hope you get things figured out!


Title: Re: My system SE34-I
Post by proud_indian on 10/04/10 at 06:32:30

Yes. It is very live. A rug on the floor and one behind the speakers may be a good place to start with. The HF is traveling quite a bit around the room. I had a similar problem earlier, before I got in to doing the room. The sound stage was messed up and at times I heard the cymbals near the kick pedal :o

shreekant :)

Title: Re: My system SE34-I
Post by Hajj on 10/04/10 at 09:15:32

I tried placing a 5 inch thick Duvet on the floor between my listening position and the speakers, but it yielded very little improvement.
As to the wall behind the speakers, I'm trying to come up with a solution to cover it, but the problem is I'm a heavy smoker, and any rug I attach to the wall will be soaking in the smell of cigarettes. So any option out there for some non odor-soaking, high frequency damping material is welcome.
I should have some Rockwool panels delivered within the next week, I'll be placing them at the first reflection point. But the problem is that with the bar there, I might be having two first reflection points to the left (one on the bar wall, and a second on the wall to the left of it) So I'm wondering if I'll have to cover the second one too.
As you can tell, I'm doing this on a budget, my house is a rental, and I just can't tweak it the way I want to. So I'm settling for the next best option.
The room's problem is that the layout is very uncommon, and I am yet to find directions as to how to setup the speakers in such an environment.
P.S: To all of you lucky ones who have been attending the Decfest, POST SOME PICS!!!

Title: Re: My system SE34-I
Post by proud_indian on 10/05/10 at 07:40:36

There is an article by Steve on how to set up a room. if you have not yet read it, then you MUST. That is where I started and I am glad I did. In a few pages, he covers a lot.


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