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Message started by bingenito on 09/06/10 at 15:53:50

Title: New HDTs
Post by bingenito on 09/06/10 at 15:53:50

Mike just dropped off my new HDTs and while they are breaking in I shot a few quick pictures to share. Thanks Mike, Bob and Steve!

BTW I know I need to treat the room. I just overhauled the room so treatments are next. Wanted to hear the speakers first 8-)

Title: Re: New HDTs
Post by bingenito on 09/08/10 at 20:17:39

The speakers are breaking in nicely. I spent several hours to nail down the initial placement and toe in. Right now I have the speakers 6ft out into the room by the front baffle to the wall behind them and 27" from the side walls. The speakers are 8ft apart and I sit 10ft away with the wall behind me about 7ft away.

Initial impressions are very positive. Not sure what I was thinking I could have saved tons of time and money had I found this route long ago.

I will continue to tweak placement as the sound evolves from break-in. Steve said the bass will bloom in a few days which is interesting because there is no lack of bass now.

The speakers do exactly what Steve stated in my phone conversation. They are very open, dynamic and revealing= Sounds like real music when you hear it live. You hear the harmonics on the guitar amp or tone of the drum head. You also hear how good or bad a recording is since some are 3D and holographic and others sound like complete crap. Good news is that in most cases you can predict which ones will sound bad... no surprises.

Treble extension is great and this was my primary concern having owned several systems with very expensive ribbons, domes and compression drivers that far exceed the price of a pair of Fostex drivers. Midrange seems very good with no shout now. When I first cranked them after setting them up I could hear what people mean by shout but I guess as the mechanical break-in occurs this has toned down.

Title: Re: New HDTs
Post by BLFST on 09/08/10 at 22:34:08

Glad to hear that you like your new HDT's!  I purchased mine a year and a half ago and have enjoyed them immensly ever since.  They look great in your listening room as well.  If your room/system combo is anything like mine, you might even decide that you don't need to go too overboard on dedicated room treatments.  I had started to put panels up in my listening room to help cut down on bass boom, but once I Purchased the HDTs (and the Torii MKII) , I discovered that I really didn't need any additional treatments.

Have fun with the new speakers.


Title: Re: New HDTs
Post by bingenito on 09/09/10 at 19:27:36

I think you are correct on the room treatments. I dont have any room boom at all. If anything maybe something to control reflections and better focus the image but I will deal with that later it is probably a 1-5% improvement based on what I am hearing.

System rocks and the image depth is coming in big time! I am very pleased and my system cost is now a fraction of what it once was.

Title: Re: New HDTs
Post by bingenito on 09/13/10 at 18:53:11

Received some Decware Zenstyx speaker cable and ICs. I have to say that I am impressed. I cannot wait to sit around this weekend and crank some tunes!

Title: Re: New HDTs
Post by Willa Hope on 07/19/11 at 11:05:56

They are looking great. I am too planning to get one for me this year.Are you satisfied using these and at what price you bought them?

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