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Message started by proud_indian on 01/15/10 at 07:41:38

Title: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by proud_indian on 01/15/10 at 07:41:38

Hi Steve,

Lets start with the drivers.

In paper 4 you mentioned ..." the driver was changed from the original DFR8 to the shielded DFR8. The biggest difference was the driver with respect to the bass response"
I have just sent a note to DeVon to place an order for the DFR8's. The the above statement of yours mean that there are two DFR8's? If so, you also mention somewhere on the forum about a 2db difference. What would that imply?
And finally what would you say .....a Lowther would do well here? Maybe a PM6A? ( have a pair with your phase plugs on them Wink)


shreekant Smiley

Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by DPC on 01/15/10 at 10:27:21


Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by Steve Deckert on 01/15/10 at 15:53:38

Yes, there are two versions of the DFR-8 driver, although only one is listed on the site for sale.

The shielded version is 2dB less efficient on paper.

Using a lowther... I have trouble getting lowthers to have any bass in a cabinet so I would suspect miserable results in the ZOB.

If you've placed an order for the DFR-8 already, call and change it to the "shielded version" per steve.  Price is the same.

Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by Wymax on 01/22/10 at 08:40:26

Bought the plans yesterday - somewhat complex build, very exciting :-)

But continueing with drivers... I have a pair of Audio Nirvana 10" Cast Frame speakers lying around - could they be used, being 10 inchers?

Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by Steve Deckert on 01/23/10 at 12:46:30

Driver diameter absolutely can not be changed.

I also strongly recommend that anyone considering this project purchase a pair of the DFR-8S drivers, otherwise what is going to happen is a bunch of poor results will be reported from those who tried "what they had laying around".

Always start with a good reference.  The DFR-8S is a good reference.  Then after those are installed, you can replace one of the drivers with the alternate of your choice and A/B against your reference.

If someone comes up with an alternate that sounds and performs better than the DFR-8S then by all means tell us what it is and why you like it - don't forget the cost and where to get it.




Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by DirtDawg on 03/03/10 at 22:25:50

I have enough OB experience to accept what you just said outright.

The drivers that I have used are only usable in certain ways, including phase raping equalization and power robbing coils. Mostly, I can not create a decent OB driver using what I Have and Know about setting up drivers to be dangerous at full power, but pleasant at "zero point some fractional number of watts."  This juggling act creates a conflict of interest, in my knowledge set. I am anxious to learn more.

My OB, "customized" JBLs work fairly well, as they are, with a sand amp capable of pushing them to near Xmax. (but I also understand what an EQ does to a pure signal)

I am saving my pop money towards a set of DFR-8s (f-ing terrible thing that I don't ever drink pop, though) along with all the rest of the spare chum that I can muster.

I plan to do this project before the summer is out. I even paid for a new set of plans to have things available, since I lost my old password during a computer F-up (my fault- no one elses).

I will do my best to build this set of plans as close to designed as i possibly can, using the prescribed driver set. (leap of faith, ensues)

Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by 4krow on 07/20/11 at 16:15:28

Steve,  you couldn't be more right about what drivers should be used in this plan. As an experimenter by nature, I tried using a set of speakers that popped right in. I wont say that they were a let down, and actually they did better than I hoped for. But against the FRX, it's just two different ball games. Then I get this idea. I'm waiting on the repair of my FRX drivers anyway(I don't want to talk about it), and what if, I turned the baffle upside down? This would put the driver INSIDE the resonating chamber, making a sort of ported design with a second tunable port. Well, it did take some more damping added to the chamber, but of course, the bass increased dramatically. As to the quality of the bass, I would just have to say it is preferable to what the drivers sounded like before. Also, these being full range, there is an obvious rise in the upper end. No big deal, So I ordered a GIZ GUTS  kit and will see what it can do for it. As I have stated, I am an experimenter by nature, and I find all of this very interesting. I have learned a few things, but in the end, I miss my babies....

Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by 4krow on 08/05/11 at 23:39:58

hope this works....

Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by 4krow on 08/05/11 at 23:44:09

Ok, FINALLY got a photo to 'stick' on this forum. Anyway, here is an experiment for the ZOB. Since the baffle can easily be removed, it occurred to me that the cabinet has potential to become a ported design. It works better than you might think. After a good listen, I switched back to the original intent. Just thought it was interesting to try. Besides, my FRX drivers are being repaired by Steve, and I am using Audio Nirvana drivers in the meantime.

Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by Donnie on 08/06/11 at 00:37:30

I'm too lazy to push buttons.

Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by tom.gnade on 09/30/12 at 23:49:29

Hello, I know this is an old thread but it's the right one to post this question: I'd like to build the ZOB, and here are the driver options I'm considering, in order of obtainability:

1) Tang Band 1808 ($400)
2) Tang Band 1808 w/Planet-10 Enable ($740)
3) PHY-HP H21LB 15 ($2100)
4) PHY-HP H21LB 15 Sag with TW37 piezo tweeters ($2600 used)
5) Decware FRX2

Has anyone ever built the ZOB with the PHY drivers? Any idea how they would compare to the Tang Band?

Also, has anyone ever added a piezo or other tweeter to the ZOB, crossed in the 10kHz region? Would that completely ruin the concept, or could it be useful? I'd love to hear from any of you with thoughts on this.


Title: Re: Drivers for the ZOB
Post by 4krow on 04/03/13 at 03:32:37

As a matter of curiosity, I would like to see an impedance plot of the FRX2. Did I miss one somewhere?

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