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Message started by Bill C on 12/30/09 at 19:04:59

Title: Is the Torii forgiving of bad recordings?
Post by Bill C on 12/30/09 at 19:04:59

I am considering a Torii MK III and wanted to ask if owners of it and the MK II feel the amp is too revealing to listen to (and enjoy) poor recordings and/or sub-par vinyl pressings? I listen to a lot of 70's reggae and like to dig for old jazz and soul records and some of it is a bit rough.

Much thanks for any feedback.


Title: Re: Is the Torii forgiving of bad recordings?
Post by BLFST on 12/30/09 at 20:10:13


I'm probably not the one to answer because my ear is rather untrained in acoustic specifics and even if my ear was good, my articulating what I hear would be a stumbling block.  Having said that, I will state the I don't think that you find any problems listening to the Torrii.  I purchased the MKII last July, along with Decware's HDT speakers.  Between the two, I am hearing MUCH more detail in my music than I had previously.  The first record that I put on the TT after my purchase (I don't recall the title but it was classical) had a clicking or shuffeling sound occassionaly.  I took a little while before I realized that I was hearing sheet music pages being turned.  I hear something new almost every time that I listen to music that I hadn't listened to prior to the purchase.  The down side for me isn't so much bad pressings, but rather, rough treatment prior to my acquiring the music.  I have to be MUCH more selective in the vinyls condition before I decide to buy used.  Of course, the need of a good record cleaning procedure cannot be overstated.  I havn't found any CD's that sound so over-revealing that I can't listen to it without fatique or enjoyment to this point.  

Overall, I don't think that you can go wrong with the purchase.  Good luck and let us know your decision.

bill f

Title: Re: Is the Torii forgiving of bad recordings?
Post by Lon on 12/30/09 at 20:14:27

Hey Bill (and Bill!), yeah I think you'll be enjoying the sounds.  I find the Torii II to be more along the lines of the Integrated than the Select as far as "forgiveness potential."  Plenty of detail, plenty of separation, great ease as far as power to burn goes, and yet they don't thrust the imperfections in your face so much as give you all the perfections that are there.  I have lots of ragged recordings and they don't make me cringe on the Torii.

Title: Re: Is the Torii forgiving of bad recordings?
Post by Bill C on 01/05/10 at 23:50:19

Hi Bill and Lon,

Thanks for the feedback. It is much appreciated. I will let you know if I order one, although my computer decided to stop working last week and needs to be replaced so it is unlikely for now.

Lon, I saw your other thread. Congrats, that will be fun to compare the MKII and MKII.



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