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Message started by Magnumopus on 09/03/09 at 18:06:11

Title: Help on deciding on Decware interconnects
Post by Magnumopus on 09/03/09 at 18:06:11

Hi Everyone,
New to this forum.. I am a big fan of my SE84C+ (purchased it back in March 2009) I have it paired with Cardersound Tybones S/D Loudspeakers ( 94 db sen) and my source is a Modded DENON 3910 player (modified by Dave Schulte  "The Upgrade Company")
Ics and Pcs are by Valab ( discovered these great products  and company from Ebay).
After a few months of listening decided on upgrading all tubes to:
Telefunkens EL84's , 6DJ8, and RCA 5U4G  all NOS  from Andy @ Vintage Tube Serv. Smart move everything now is much more musical and emotional sounding.
I have a dedicated listening room   17 1/2 x 13  ft with 8 ft ceilings
Room treatments courtesy Eighth Nerve Adapts (7 rectangles and 4 triangles)
My speakers are set up on the long wall. I listen 7 ft in front of the speakers
Dedicated  lines 20 amp outlets. I use no power conditioner, or power strip all audio components are plugged directly into the wall.

Now I am at the point that what is the weakest link in my system could be my ics..
So now comes the question who is happy with the Decware ics and if so which model the DSRII  or the DSRIIX. How much better sounding is the DSRIIX compared to the DSRII?
Since the amp is so revealing I would assume the ics are very neutral with no colorization whatsoever...
Your help would greatly be appreciated..

Title: Re: Help on deciding on Decware interconnects
Post by Lon on 09/04/09 at 12:26:16

I can't speak for the X RCA connector version as I have not heard it.

I'm very happy with the stock version, have these in use for all my sources and to the amp and though they seem a bit dry at first connection, with some time to settle in they bring a very clear, focused and honest presentation to the sound. This can be a good and bad thing. . . what you put through it is what you get.  So some components, tubes and recordings will just not shine. But they'll help the system to be all it can be and help you to evaluate what you do have.

They work excellently in concert with the Zen Styx loudspeaker cables.  The combination is what I will always want to have in a stereo system.

Title: Re: Help on deciding on Decware interconnects
Post by Lon on 01/21/10 at 00:03:35

I've recently tried some formerly used interconnects in the system as a lark.

I put the Decware interconnects back in Pretty Damned Quickly.  They're staying.

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