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Message started by KarlGranat on 03/20/09 at 12:29:07

Title: Low Level Sound from HDT
Post by KarlGranat on 03/20/09 at 12:29:07

I have an awkward problem with hearing loss.  It is made worse by high sound levels.

How do the HDT's sound at low sound levels- that is, what is their detail like at low volume levels?  Are there any better speakers if I am looking at listening to music at low volume settings?


Karl Granat

Title: Re: Low Level Sound from HDT
Post by ZYGI on 03/20/09 at 22:07:54

Hi Karl,

Welcome to the forum....

The HDT's have great detail at lower levels, at the same time you want just a bit of distance between you and the speaker,  sound presure levels drop to 1/2 its value as the distance from the source is doubled. I think detail does pretty much the same thing.

On the other hand, the ERR's could be placed close enough to your chair that you could place your hands on top of both speakers and you would think they were 7 ft in front of you. The advantage to doing this, as close as you would be, the volume would be very low and you wouldn't loose any detail due to distance.

Just a thought.....


Title: Re: Low Level Sound from HDT
Post by musgofasa on 03/20/09 at 23:53:37

Gotta agree with Bob here

The HDTs are very clear sounding speakers, but I find that they like my farther to the rear seat position than my closer one. The ERR's really don't care how close you get. I actually stood right on top of one before I heard a significant difference in sound. You can literally sit between them and still get a lot of image.

That would be my bet for a lower volume listening experience for sure.

Take care,

Title: Re: Low Level Sound from HDT
Post by KarlGranat on 03/21/09 at 07:21:06

Thanks folks!

This advice is consistent with some older posts that I have found.


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