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Message started by PhilippeVDP on 02/28/08 at 11:06:42

Title: Vifa drivers
Post by PhilippeVDP on 02/28/08 at 11:06:42


i want to use my old Vifa woofers (25-wp-250) to make a subwoofer.

the parameters of the drivers are :

Fs = 24 Hz
VAS = 178 L
Qes = 0,30
Qms = 3.7
Sd = 346 cm2
Re = 5,7 ohm
Pe = 150 W

What quality can i expect if i build a WO with those drivers?

What will be the difference between the 36"x36" design and the 36"x24" design?

I would drive this sub via an active crossover and his own ampli.
Should i connect the woofers in serial and drive them with the ampli bridged or should i connect the two drivers each to a separated channel of the ampli?

a newbie in audio

Title: Re: Vifa drivers
Post by musgofasa on 02/29/08 at 17:33:54

Welcome to the boards Phillipe,

These woofers should work great with the WO. I just ran the numbers in WINISD and they should work with the original plans (no need to mod the sealed side). The difference in the 36" and the 24" will be low extension. The larger box will play considerably lower and sound more "musical" in a home. If you are building it for car use, it will simply have a lower overall tuning. In a home, the lower tuning tends to sound better, but in a car, the higher tuning can sometimes reach higher SPLs. That depends on your goals and the application.

I would definitely wire the subs in series and bridge your amp. This not only presents a better load on the amp, it will also provide the same drive to both sides of the "horn" and make for smoother output.

Build it, you'll like it! I guarantee it.

Take care,

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