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Message started by Brian on 10/06/07 at 00:38:27

Title: Wicked Comparison
Post by Brian on 10/06/07 at 00:38:27

I am told it is bad form to cross post, but I thought perhaps visitors to the WO original version forum may not also visit the WO32 forum and vice versa, so I am putting this question in both.  

I was wondering if some of you could offer a sound quality comparison between the two versions of the Wicked One bass unit?

Title: Re: Wicked Comparison
Post by 60_and_up on 10/06/07 at 01:51:17

wo32 is better at everything than the wo.

unless you want EXTREME volume.(like car audio spl world records. 155 db +)

Title: Re: Wicked Comparison
Post by Brian on 10/06/07 at 22:35:03

Thanks 60  :)

Title: Re: Wicked Comparison
Post by HT-EXT on 10/16/07 at 17:44:39

I don't completely agree with 60. Both enclosures have ther merits but I favor the WO36. It depends on application for the most part. If you listen to alot of music and audiophile type material then the WO32 is right up your alley. Fast, accurate, and an all around impressive design but it has its limits. It is also more dependent on speaker selection to get the best results. The WO36 is more forgivening when it comes to speaker selection. The WO36 plays lower and louder at least the ones I have tested. If I had a choice the WO32 would be my musically and high end audio choice. The WO36 would be the car audio and HT choice. Don't get me wrong, I use the WO36 for music too but the crossover is set very low to keep the mud away from my duck. It is really up to the builder to decide which enclosure will do the best in a specfic environment and which one can cover all the uses it might be called on to handle. I say build both and let your ears decide.


Title: Re: Wicked Comparison
Post by Brian on 10/17/07 at 02:24:58

Thanks, HT-EXT.
High fidelity is my interest, so I guess the 32 would be my choice.

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