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Message started by tubesmuggler on 09/26/07 at 21:17:30

Title: RL-1.5 questions
Post by tubesmuggler on 09/26/07 at 21:17:30

I'm considering a pair of these speakers.  The reviews are fantastic and the owners here seem very pleased.  I hope that some of the owners here can help me make up my mind.  My questions:

1) How do these puppies do with rock music.  I listen to everything from Diana Krall to Coldplay to Live to Led Zepplin and on occasion even heavier music.  My volume level is not excessive though, perhaps just too loud to speak over normally but not moshpit loud.  Let's call it "cleaning the house/weekend chores" level.  Mostly the level will be relatively moderate and also used for 2-channel HT (sub is not a concern yet...I'll get one later if required).  I'm sure my daughter will love "Dora the Explorer" tv through these so my worry is the music, not HT and TV.

2)  I have a large room - 14' x 23' with 8.5' ceiling.  Hardwood floor with one carpet and two sofas.  I see it's recommend to use these on a carpeted floor.  Would a small carpet square under each speaker be enough?  Will having a TV in the center destroy the affect these speakers are known for?

3)  I use a ~15W differential tube amp.  I doubt this is any problem, but it has 4, 8, and 16 ohm outputs.  What would be best?  

4) Are these "bright"?  One thing I hate is pronounced brightness.  A big reason I like tube amps.  I don't want a speaker that can get too bright and is one reason I've not gone with horns.

TIA for any insight, it's much appreciated. :)

Title: Re: RL-1.5 questions
Post by MikeW on 09/27/07 at 13:55:31

Hey and welcome to the forum. I am sure Steve and/or Zygi will chime in on this one. But I will say this, during my visit with Zygi, I listened very carefully to the Radial 3's and was very impressed. In talking with Zygi about the differences in the 1.5 and 3.0's I gathered the latter would be more suitable for music that had a lot of bass punch. Of course their explanation may be a little different and I am sure much more accurate. I really wanted to listen to the 1.5's but could not. Zygi said they are the best at pulling disappearing acts. :)

Title: Re: RL-1.5 questions
Post by Lon on 09/27/07 at 15:37:48

I'll chime in. . . though I've never heard the 1.5s, darn it.  But I have lived with RL1s and RL2s and have an idea of what the 1.5s may share in family characteristics. . .

I think as far as rock goes. . . I get along just fine listening to rock on these speakers, at the kind of levels you're talking of . . .sure.  They may take getting a bit used to because they don't "compress" the sound, they open it up, and many of us are so used to hearing rock music compressed!

I do find the speakers to be a bit bright, especially at first.  But you can use resistors to decrease the tweeter output and really tailor the sound the way that you may want. . . .

I love my Radials.  I have to live without them for the next few months for logistic reasons, but I sure don't like it!

Title: Re: RL-1.5 questions
Post by musgofasa on 09/28/07 at 18:23:12

I have heard the 1.5s and was really impressed.

I don't think they are bright at all, but then the pair I heard may have been well broken in and the resistors already set so that is one thing to consider. the TV in between them will definitely make a difference to how well they dissappear. in fact, I thought they sounded best when placed only a few feet in front of the listener and only a few feet apart.

Bass is pretty smooth, but not super-powerfull. I would suggest a sub for HT, but likely not for music of any kind as rock sounds pretty strong through them.

As far as the hardwood floor and room size, I think Zygi or Steve would be best to answer that one. I heard them in a fairly small room with treatment so i couldn't say on that one.

One thing is for sure. MY WIFE LOVED THEM. Both for their diminuitive size and their awesome sound.

Take care,

Title: Re: RL-1.5 questions
Post by ZYGI on 09/30/07 at 16:56:54

The 1.5's will work on hardwood, you just might want to use them sans the spikes, if it was a problem a small piece of carpet under each will do the trick.

The TV between, will effect the imaging, but its less likely to matter with the RL1.5's than any other speaker out there. As far as size of the room, I've had them in large spaces and small, i jokingly tell people you could play them in the bathroom, and still get a deep sound stage...I really haven't tried it, trust me!!!! [smiley=icqlite20.png]

 The beauty of the 1.5's is there imaging, like "musgo" said they can sit 3ft in front of you with there bases not more than 1 foot apart and you'd be amazed you not listening to speakers ten feet away. Plus there so lite you could pull them out into the room and move them back after each listening session with out any effort.


Title: Re: RL-1.5 questions
Post by tubesmuggler on 10/01/07 at 21:31:07

Well thanks for the input guys.  I'm not really worried about the small room setup (although I like my bathroom a lot  ;) ).  My room is 14ft x 23ft so I'll normally be about 10 to 12 ft away when listening. The rear wall behind me is actually open throuht double french doors to my dining room.  I'm not against moving them for serious music listening, but for TV/ht I'm not concerned really.

Thanks again!

Title: Re: RL-1.5 questions
Post by Robert on 03/17/08 at 21:06:20

I play lots of rock and blues/rock on my Radial 1.5s (without a sub) at anywhere from less than 1 watt to 10 watts (even "punished" them at over 50 for very brief periods of time) and they don't lack for anything. :D  I've had these speakers for close to a year now, and they still impress me immensely.  I cannot ever see myself listening to a "conventional" (non-radial) speaker ever again.  LOVE 'EM! ;D

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