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Message started by liffy99 on 09/23/07 at 10:23:10

Title: New to decware
Post by liffy99 on 09/23/07 at 10:23:10

Just came across this forum whilst researching high efficiency speahers and it seems there's a whole heap of enthusiasm !

Current set up is a bit strange - (NAS server / Modified SB3 / Lyngdorf TDA2200 for pre-amp and DAC duties and driving the bass / Trends 10.1 T-amp driving the mid and highs / ML Prodigies) but works for me. Only problem is that the big MLs are dominating our new lounge a bit so I'm under pressure to downsize.

Having been amazed by the performance of the little T-Amp, and bowled over by a recent demo of some Audio Note speakers (AN-E) I'm now more interested than ever in the high efficiency world. But no Decware here in the UK as far as I know. Is this right, and does anyone have any experience of using Decware radials with Class T amps ? I've no idea what these radials may sound like (I've heard Duevels which seemed great at imaging but a little floopy at the bottom end) - would they be a huge step down from electrostatic clarity ?

Title: Re: New to decware
Post by ZYGI on 09/23/07 at 12:54:21


  You might try PM'ing Andy831, one of his mates has a pair of RL'3. I know of a few pair of 1.5's, and two other pairs of 3's in the UK but I don't think any other owners are forum members.

 There is also a guy here in the states that has sold his Martin Logan's for a pair of RL-3's and hasn't looked back, maybe he'll see your post, and respond as well.


Title: Re: New to decware
Post by Andy831 on 09/26/07 at 15:26:39

No need to PM me I am here

Liffy..... I do know a chap who has a pair of Radials however I have yet to hear them. He also has some form of T amp too although I am not sure which one.

As far as I know Vinnie reads this forum however I don`t think he contributes to it, but if you would like to talk to him direct I will pass you his email address if he confirms this to be ok.

We are both in the North of England, so not too easy to get up to us for a listen though you would be welcomed if you happen to travel up here for a living?



Title: Re: New to decware
Post by Andy831 on 10/04/07 at 15:14:25

Well, I went to Vinnies for the evening last night to have a look / listen to the radial 3.0`s

Nice looking and sounding speaker.

Tried them with the Decware zen first. Sounded very nice at low volumes very clean, sounded a bit Hi Fi.
But none the less very listenable, good image and soundstage. Became very shouty at louder volumes though, and I felt Vinnies Zen was starting to clip however no one else mentioned that fact, but I definately detected distortion at
higher volumes.

We then tried them on the end of a pair of original Quad 2`s.

They definately came to life a bit more with the extra wattage available, however to my ears the sound became a little
mushy and soft, Probably the Quads causing that.

On both occasions the amp was used with a Ming Da Pre amp.

I suggested to Vinnie that we reconvene shortly and I will bring my pair of selects and csp down to try. I do believe that with approximately 6 watts rather than Vinnies 1.8 Watts the speakers will really sing.

I will report back once we have tied the Selects

As an aside and in answer to Iffy`s original question, we also tried the radials on the end of a T amp. It has to be said
that they sounded very good, A bit bright, but very exceptable.

Title: Re: New to decware
Post by paulc on 10/04/07 at 22:44:27

In my humble view, the total system, designed to work together, is most important.  Rarely can a single component perform to it's potential in many other configurations.

My Radials "sing" behind the SE84CS (2ea)!

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