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Message started by cyclops on 06/20/07 at 20:34:33

Title: radial 3s for sale
Post by cyclops on 06/20/07 at 20:34:33

Hope its okay to post this here. Wonderful speakers

Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by Kelly on 06/21/07 at 01:25:28

Sent you an email through audiogon.  I'll take them.


Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by musgofasa on 06/21/07 at 12:35:06

Man o Man o Man,

I decide to spend all my money on a house and everybody starts selling Decware stuff! So far I have missed a Tori,  a set of RL1.5s, Rl3s, a Taboo, a CSP and I am not even sure what else! lol

Congrats Kelly, I know you will love these!

take care,

Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by Kelly on 06/21/07 at 15:01:53

Sounds like your putting your money to better use than I.  You'll have plenty chances to get some gear.  The gear is always better on the other side, or was it grass, whatever..  

I started with the 84C, bought some Klipsch book shelve speakers, then a AH Njob Tjoeb 4000 and upgraded it completely.  Not a bad little system.  But I wasn't happy enough yet.  Upgraded to a 84CS and purchase some used Chorus ll's.  I liked the Chorus ll's but were just too big.  I already had a primary system and I have to move stuff around too much for speakers this large.  Gave the RB-3's to my son, sold the Chorus ll's and then longing for more stuff, bought a Taboo and CSP.   I then built my own bass reflex speakers with Fostex drivers, which only really sounded good with a sub, and even then they had problems.  So I keep trying to use the Decware tube gear with speakers that just aren't very efficient.  I've never really had the sound I've been looking for except for the Klipsch Chorus ll's.  So I've been trying to research the efficient speakers on the market which fit my needs.  Size, sound, cost are factors for me and of course the WAF.  I've been liking what I'm hearing about the RL-3's, but he price is alittle steep, for me, not that they are not worth the money, but couldn't justify the purchase.  I was really going to start working on the BR Cabinets i built or another pair.  I decided in the mean time i'd start looking at audiogon every day and see if any decware speakers showed up.  I was also considering the RL-1.5's.  I looked for the first time yesterday.  Two Decware items, but no speakers and both sold.  I looked three times in the morning, nothing.  Then looked again after lunch, and these RL-3's were there.  I thought, no this can't be and didn't respond right away, but then thought, these must be for me.  The way it happened couldn't have been any better.  So late yesterday afternoon, I had my wife take a look, and she's cool, said she liked the size and design.  I really thought someone else had beaten me to the punch, but responded in Audiogon.  I looked here on the forums to see if anyone noticed them on Audiogon, and cyclops posted a link here too.  I waited and waited, then kinda gave up and then I got his response, "yours if you want them".  I hope I like them.  Thanks


Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by Lon on 06/21/07 at 17:29:14

Kelly. . . .

I got out my magic divining device (Okay, it's a Magic 8 ball) and I predict. . . .

You're going to be VERY happy.  ;)

Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by musgofasa on 06/21/07 at 18:26:38

I couldn't agree more!
The RL3s have a maginc all their own. Bob actually likes the radial driver in the 3 better than the larger one in the 1.5 and I can see why. The RL3s are a little less forgiving than the 1.5, but they outperform them in every other aspect I believe.

Now the special edition (1 offs lol) that I heard at Bob's house and at hornfest are another story. I will likely try my hand at building something similar before it's over, but man it sure would be nice to have the money to scoop up something like these to compare my builds too (a reference system)

One thing I can almost guarantee:

You will like these!

Take care,

Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by cyclops on 06/21/07 at 21:28:31

kelly, I am really glad you are so excited about them. They are really beautiful in person.  john

Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by paulc on 06/22/07 at 02:16:27

The first Decware product I ever heard, were the RL2's, a few years ago.  Fell in love immediately and knew that I would never be happy until a pair were in my living room.  I'm very happy!

I expect that Bob puts much more work into the RL3's.

Everyone that has heard mine "gets it".

On the other hand, the 1.5's would be welcome here.

Radial speakers (properly executed) have a magic when it comes to imaging.


Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by KellyB on 06/23/07 at 15:54:03

Hi Kelly,

   I know that after being involved with Hi-Fi since 1972 & listening to many high-dollar systems, that if you don't like the sound of your present system, you might never be happy! I've got about 400 hours on my new RL-3s & they're awesome! They seem to get better every week!!! Before you pass serious judgment on them, experiment with positioning in the room &/or room treatments!!!! Congrats on a great purchase($1200) & saving $800 besides!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

    Kelly B.                                                                                    

Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by Kelly on 06/23/07 at 22:28:35

Thanks everyone!

You guys have a way of making everyone very excited about all the Deware products and It serves a very valuble service here on this site.  Thanks so much.  I've spent lots of money on audio equipment, besides the decware gear.  So I can relate to all you've said.  

Question maybe you guys can answer; i've got the 84CS and the Taboo, now along with the CSP2 rebuild (which I can't believe sounds so good).  With the CSP2 and the 84CS, I'm getting more gain then with the CSP2 Taboo combo?  Why?  You would think I would be getting more volume out of my Taboo, but I'm not.  Still sounds good, but less volume, unless I turn up the gain on the CSP2 which you can do.  Does the Taboo require more input?  The tubes are unchanged, but have checked to see if there is a difference with the output tubes, which in none really.  The only thing I haven't done is change the input tube.  I'm using the original red label ECC81 tube for the input.  I'm not sure of the brand.  Is this tube low gain?  Using the 84CS,  about twice the gain. The 84CS sounds great at similar high volumes also.  I'm sure you know more about this than I.  Regardless of the speakers, it's the same.  I''m still on hold waiting for the RL-3's.  The only thing I've done is put V-Caps in my 84CS, sounds fantastic. But I thought the Taboo would hold it's own against the CS.  Not really.  My CS is AWSOME. Taboo, ok.  Is it the input tube?  I'd hate to ship it back to Steve and find out it's something I can take care of.  It sounds pretty good. But there's something about that CS that really sounds great.  I've written steve, He probably know right away.

Thanks again to all you Deware fans.


Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by Kelly on 06/23/07 at 22:56:23

I forgot also while using the CS, I use the direct input on top, bypassing the volume pot.  I'm going to move this to the Zen Triode Forum since it's another topic.  Thanks


Title: Re: radial 3s for sale
Post by Flick Er12 on 09/10/09 at 04:44:34

I am absolutely animated you are so aflame about them. They are absolutely admirable in person.


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