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Message started by Dean_NZ on 01/01/07 at 10:57:33

Title: Newbie Questions
Post by Dean_NZ on 01/01/07 at 10:57:33

OK I've just bounced across from the WO forum page, so read the follwing to understand were this is coming from:

Anyway newbie questions and forgive me, I'm a builder, I have NO audio design knowledge what so ever !! But i know what bad noise is............. :'(

I have searched the web for sub enclosures and horn for the last few weeks and with art forms there many different opinions, so my questions below are to learn more, I'm not here to stir up any ill feeling - I just want to gain some knowledge from you guys with more experiance - so here goes at the risk of getting  :-[:

I have two JL 10" as per the other thread and "spare" stereo sub outputs on the cross over which runs off a single amp setup, so it would seem the WO32 is the perfect fit.

After doing some surfing on these types of enclosure I found "other opinions" who thought there were other designs which were "better" as the WO32 horn length was to short.(there's words not mine)

These where:

LABsub -
Seems to use two drivers firing into the same chamber so not suitable for the stereo setup ?

Horn Sub Jr. -
Again two subs firing into the same area so not suitable for stereo setup - I have asked Mr Cowan of the cabinents can be split with 1 driver per enclosure and the cabinent size reduced in width to suit.

Question 2./ what frequence range can be expected out of the WO32 - i understand these is effected by the driver, but whats and average ?

3./ has anyone improved the WO32 by smoothing the curving the transitions in the horn ? undertsna dthe present design is to make the build easier, but would think an advance design with some cleaner transiitons would be superior ?

4./ How does the WO32 run with stereo inputs ? mix sound OK ?

Remember I have never heard a WO32 so I'm flying blind here...

:P standing by..........Cheers Dean

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