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Message started by Valiant_ap6 on 04/10/06 at 14:28:57

Title: Oh No! I dropped It!!!
Post by Valiant_ap6 on 04/10/06 at 14:28:57

Spent a nice Sunday afternoon with a few mates, demoing the Imperials oh so 'HUGE SOUND'.
Every time I fire them up, whether loud or soft, you immeadiately realise you are hearing
something really special, and all agreed, the Imperials offer
something that ordinary (what is ordinary anyway?) speakers,
dont/can't deliver.

Well, the time came to haul them back into the shed. All the
lads had gone home, and I'm just finishing off the last beer on the patio. So, as you can imagine, it becomes a bit of a struggle to park the cabinets in the shed. First one was manouvered in without any difficulty, using my heavy duty trolley, a device that has spent a large portion of it's life hauling hay bales and the like. Perhaps it deserves a story all to it's self, if the dear reader is bored enough to bare it all - oh the humanity!

Cabinet 2 was tougher. Perhaps I was physically spent with my first trial, maybe the barometer had fell and conditions where not favourable towards shifting an Imperial the several yards to safety. I can only surmise that one of the wheels of the trolley sank into a depression into the lawn as I was gaining on the safety of the concrete apron that guards the door of the shed.

Many here may have first hand experience of the car thing. It happens, you stamp the brake, frantically haul on the wheel, but hey, it's already over, the dice is thrown, you crash.

The Imperial and me, tipped to the right. Though the base of the speaker was only riding a few inches off the ground,
it hit the concrete with a thud, that sent my son (little Gary - oh, did I say he's about six foot tall), hurrying out to the back yard to see if I was alright.

Both me and the Imperial, an uncontrolled mass of a combined 400 hundred pounds, came to rest. The Imperial flat on its back, me with my face burrowed into one of the drivers, thinking 'oh s#*t'.

Well, the good news is that the speaker, except for some superficial damage, paint scratches and chipped, chipboard is okay. Me, well I guess, the same, a few small abrasions and dented pride. The 2.5 to 3 inch thick concrete slab, cracked!

I've gotta post some pics and will endeavour to do so by the end of the week. By which time, the Imperials will hopefully be safe and sound at Jake's place in Perth. He promises me a stop over at his place whilst we install the beasts, and ther is a nice pub down the road that serves Dogbolter Beer. That alone is a good reason to go to Perth.

The moral...Don't drop the Imperial.

Enjoying the posts. Some great stuff happening out there.



Title: Re: Oh No! I dropped It!!!
Post by paulc on 04/10/06 at 14:49:58

"There but for the grace of God........"

Title: Re: Oh No! I dropped It!!!
Post by gexter on 04/10/06 at 15:51:23

To be honest when I was reading your story I thought of cracked bones and crushed flesh..
Glad your OK..
Sorry about your slab  perhaps you should pour a thicker one in case you build another set....

Glad also that Jake will still have his IMPS to show off and listen to.
Another reminder on how massive those things are..

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