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Message started by Corey on 04/01/06 at 21:13:32

Title: Fun with HDT's.
Post by Corey on 04/01/06 at 21:13:32

Had my system packed up and decided to drag it out today.

I can only say that this configuration is absolutely punishing when driven by a SS amp and the bass is turned up slightly.

Standing next to this speaker while it is playing is quite an experience, both the physical presence and the sound. I moved it around my room till the bass locked in and it is actually scary how much SPL this speaker is putting out.
I think a large part of it is that all 8 drivers are aligned together vs. fighting each other, less nodes.

I have also noticed the drivers seem to be able to take more power like this. Perhaps having the transmission lines compressed together creates some sort of damping.


Title: Re: Fun with HDT's.
Post by Corey on 04/01/06 at 21:21:13

I forgot to add that how incredibly built these speakers are. Ziggy, if you are reading this you are my kind of craftsman. These speakers are built with such passion and perfection it is amazing.

Untill you stack one of your Decware HDT's up like this you just don't understand how precise Decware builds their speakers. Every single line is perfect, the router lines match exactly, the speakers are EXACT copies of each other. It is something to get one speaker built properly but to have a pair matched like this is super professional and shows just how serious Decware are about their speakers. Kudos to Decware speakers!


Title: Re: Fun with HDT's.
Post by Mike W on 04/01/06 at 23:24:51

you should get 2 more

Title: Re: Fun with HDT's.
Post by gnat leader on 04/02/06 at 06:07:15

Mike W wrote on 04/01/06 at 23:24:51:
you should get 2 more

Hey Mike, you getting sales commisions from Steve? :)

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