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Message started by BIG_GEOFF on 03/17/06 at 17:23:42

Title: Better Sub Enclosure? ... and then some
Post by BIG_GEOFF on 03/17/06 at 17:23:42

      I have been thinking about building a new sub woofer for quite some time now (now that wrestling is over i can get back to building sh*t again :-* ).  I have a scaled down db in my room that holds a crappy 7inch sub i got out of a panasonic sub ( the ones with the amp built in).  All i did was put in in a better enclosure :-* and the bass from this small speaker is great :'( .... for my room .  I also have the two scaled down imperials to fit two 6X9s i made with some left over mdf and the speakers out of a friends car.  Now downstairs i have my full scale imperial, with a 15" scorpion and a 15" goldwood and a horn tweater on top (I got it out of a loudspeaker from my school that got smashed when the enclosure fell from a moving van.)  
     Anyway, i love the imperial but i want to make a new sub.  I was looking into building possibly a WO or a sub only imperial.  I sometimes roll the imperial outside to listen to (and so my neighbors can as well :D).  Great for football and the occassional party.  So I want to go LOUD and possibly big.  I saw this one and i was debating maybe that one, or the WO.  I want something big and loud that you can feel the bass. Whaat do you guys recomend?
    Oh, and i had been running my imperial on an old kenwood amp i sorta "borrowed" from a friend who moved.  I never realy gave it back.  It wasnt the best amp, but i just needed a temporary amp to run my imperial on.  Well, i had the volume up pretty loud, and the left channel on it just went.  (I had the input to the amp running mono and just split that out into the two channels, one to power each driver on the imperial).  The sound from that speaker started popping and crackling and eventually just stopped.  I switched the wiring to the speakers and luckily it wasnt the speaker, rather the amp.  
     What sort of amp do you guys recomend i get to power my imperial?  For now i just have the other channel on the amp powering it but its veryy underpowered.  THe amp is pretty much trashed so what should I look into getting?  Oh, and money is a little tight, im only 16 (17 in a week) so i would be looking in to a more wallet friendly priced amp.

Title: Re: Better Sub Enclosure? ... and then some
Post by Adrian D. on 03/17/06 at 18:59:14

hey junior (i'm 17, so respect  ;) )
leaving the jokes aside, i have to say, you get more impact from a 15 than from 2 10s. i'd say buy a good PA amp and then some good subs and put'em in an imperial.
you can try building boxes for friends. that's what i do in the summer. of course, none of them have decware designs (and i don't intend to build any for friends because of the trouble with the plans). i usually charge 20$/box. maybe more if its complicated.
imo, PA amps are nice, because they are reliable and you can find almost any power/impedence config.
if you don't have room for an imperial you could buy some decent excursion 10s and build a wo. someone loaded this box with 2 re xxx10 (32mm xmax) so it can withstand massive excursion.
i used to power everything i had (2 dbs and 2 fullrange cabs) with a 35w / channel amp, and everything got pretty loud. but having 500w to feed the subs sure makes a diffrence.
if money is tight, you could build your system in steps : amps first, then better speakers, then even better speakers.

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