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100% Made in USA


The perfect speaker for better sounding tube gear.

Designed by Steve Deckert

"Hey Steve...

Finally got the 945s un-boxed and somewhat set up. actually they weren't set up at all; I basically just tossed them into position, fired up the system, and threw on Diana Krall's "Live in Paris" cd. I am very, very familiar with this cd... and i hate to admit it, but compared to my Ambience Reference speakers ($13,000), the 945s actually did a few things better... certainly as good... and that's right out of the box.. no break in. after actually setting up the 945s, including a bit of tweaking here and there, and too, living with them for a bit with all types of music, i can't believe how good these puppies actually are. their detail and overall musicality is uncanny...  actually surpassing my Ambience speakers, esp in the detail work, albeit not by anything huge... but still (how's that possible!!??). Mated with my Torii III.. a match, a marriage made in audiophile heaven. All I can say, Steve, is that you broke the mold when you designed and made the 945s. Anyway, my friend... I am very... no.. extremely pleased with these speakers. Great, great job, Steve. Great job. Hope you're well. Take care... -George"

Welcome to a small high efficiency speaker that simply sounds better than retail Hi-fi speakers. It does this with a very unique set of drivers in the hi fi world... a silk cone 8 inch driver that is 94dB with 1 watt and an ISO-dynamic planar ribbon tweeter with the same efficiency... rare in ribbon tweeters.

The natural response of this driver is so smooth that no crossover is used! Left to play up into the high treble combined with it's super low mass and high sensitivity gives you the kind of great speed that is commonly only known in large electrostatic speakers and horns.

This of course works well to ingrate with the almost mass-less ribbon tweeter to create a coherent sense of speed at all frequencies. 

With nothing more than an exotic polypropylene capacitor to protect the ribbon, there is basically no crossover in the classical sense inside this speaker! 

With no crossover to slow things down or modify phase angles, this speaker has a seamless integration between the two drivers...  Single Driver speaker lovers would have no issues with how these sound and image. 

So how is it done?  The overlap between the two drivers is canceled in the air out in front of the cabinet. The relationship between the phase angles that occur between both drivers, modified by the capacitor, make it possible to wire the ribbon tweeter with reverse polarity creating a cancellation of like frequencies near the overlap point.

Another wonderful side effect of this zen simplicity is that the phase angle stages the image back in time at higher frequencies giving a visceral sense of dynamics and presence while being paradoxically laid back in space.  Fancy way of saying they have incredible depth.

This lack of "in your face" works well with the super high detail these speakers provide.  It not only makes it possible to listen near-field in a monitoring situation or desktop setup, but also lets you hear the difference between zero feedback SET amplifiers and conventional tube gear in even the largest rooms.

What we love about these speakers is that you can drive them with a 2 watt SET amplifier and they fill the room while having real bass. In the category of small sized high efficiency speakers, very few (VERY FEW) can make this claim. Most fall victim to needing a sub-woofer to shore up frequency balance in the low end since the speaker is generally unmistakeably thin without it.

The Decware Monitors have what it takes to enjoy a 2 watt SET amplifier but they're no slouch with more power either, able to do both sides of the fence.

So what's the catch... really there is none. It's just that you wouldn't be able to mass produce a speaker like this using a retail business model because you wouldn't know what kind of amplifier the customer will be using with it.  A speaker like this has little need for more protection than it has when used with high quality tube amplification, however using mainstream solid state amplifiers would ultimately lead to blown drivers, an already chronic problem with mainstream Hi-fi speakers today. 

Our business model lets us deal directly with the buyer, (you), so we really do have your back when it comes to equipment matching and general audio advise. 

We make these speakers as described, in 3 configurations.

1) Model DM945 - as described above.
2) Model DM946 - with added midrange lens.
3) Model DM947 - with custom stand that lowers the bass response.
You would choose #2 if your room is softer or has some treatments.

You would choose #3 if you want what would be effectively a floor standing speaker with 25Hz bass.


The ultra clean look of this speaker comes in part from the hidden neodymium magnets in the grills and cabinets.  They're impossible to break and always work perfectly no matter how many times you take the grill on and off.

Hi-end hardware


Machined and anodized, these thick aluminum plates are hosting top-end binding posts to virtually eliminate the flex and vibration associated with standard speaker terminal cups.  You can't wear these out or break them off even if you use the most aggressive over-sized speaker wires.

Gold jumpers are included, that if removed will allow you to bi-wire or bi-amp this loudspeaker.

All internal wire is oxygen free copper with silver solder.  There are no crimp connections anywhere. 


You can turn your DM945 or 946 into a DM947 at any time by simply purchasing the companion bass cabinet separately. The cabinets stack together to create a single horn-loaded tower speaker without tools and can easily be done at home.

Once a pair of DM945 or 946 has ascended to a DM947, we call them "The Monoliths"
More Info

The Decware Monitors are being set up and tested in this video.

More videos can be found here


94 dB @ 1w/1m
42Hz ~ 22kHz
4.5 ohm nominal impedance
Max SPL 115dB
Minimum Power 2 watts
Maximum Power 100 watts

Size 9" wide, 10" deep, 16" high
Shipping weight 25 lbs ea.

Neo Magnetic Grills
Dual 5 way bi-ampable gold binding posts with included jumper


This loudspeaker is hand built in the USA by DECWARE / High Fidelity Engineering Co. It comes with a 5 year limited warranty to the original owner.  Try it for 30 days in your system. If you're not more than pleased with the results you can send them back with a 10% restock fee.

We also have a support forum with many people who own our speakers who's experiences you may benefit from. 


You may read reviews on our products here.

Model DM945

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100% Made in USA

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