Developed for our own loudspeakers, the DFR-8 solves the shortcomings of full range drivers with completely unique design solutions. You can read about them in the white paper.


The result is no mid-range/treble shout. Needs no tweeter. Has real bass. 96dB efficiency with 1 watt.

This is the actual driver used in our
High Definition Tower speakers and the NFX.  It is now available for the DIY speaker builders.




DFR-8            $355.00 pr.

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The DFR-8 utilizes a diaphragmatic suspension that absorbs modal resonance's in the cone better then any other system in use today.

It also uses a specially designed active phase guide that again is superior to conventional phase plugs.

Read about the phase guide design here!



  • Decware phase guide installed
  • Modified ES banana pulp cone
  • 110mm magnet
  • 38 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 208mm Flange - 8 inch
  • Cut-out 182mm
  • Depth 87.5mm
  • Sensitivity 1W/1M 96 dB
  • Nom. Power 90 Watts
  • FS 46Hz
  • QTS 0.23
  • QMS 3.03
  • QES 0.23
  • RE 6.69 ohms  8 ohm nominal
  • VAS 54 ltrs / 2.01 cubic feet
  • Net weight 3400 grams / 7.58 lbs

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