My Imperial SO Review:

I have made the journey through the "Great Desert" of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to pick up my Imperials.
Upon my arrival Bob was still putting the finishing touches on the Imperials so I got in his way and "helped" him finish.  
When the first driver had been installed in the Imp. we hooked it up to the system Bob has in his shop. Bear in mind this system is a solid state reciever driving a couple of book shelf type speakers which Zygi designed and built many years ago. In other words decent but nowhere near where his products are now.
The reciever was playing a local FM jazz station. When Bob made the circuit and the Imperial spoke for the first time a lump the size of my fist swelled into my throat. I fought not to cry in front of Bob. My dream was coming true, the sound we heard in Steve's garage at the fest was reproduced. An enormous sound stage, bottomless bass perfectly integrated with the recording and effortlessly blended with the existing system.  
While working, Bob had his back to the Imperial. A bass line was playing and when a " bass note from hell " was reproduced Bob jumped with genuine fright. Grin The Imperials have such a bottom end grunt they are scary.
Later a man selling water filters approached us. He had no audio back ground. He could hear the music and asked what we were doing. Bob invited him into the shop. He quickly became mesmerized and we sold him instead of the other way around. He left with direction to and his mouth hanging open.
Finally, a big thanks to Danno for his help in loading the Imperials and diffusers into the truck.


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