My MG944 loudspeaker review:

Firstly the MG bass is as tight and deep and well defined as you'll find for any speaker its size. And no loss of midbass energy (dip) that I've found common in BR towers (MG is a tapered line) of this size and height (38-42"). The passive loading of a tapered T-line seems to do something really good for tightness and depth. The MG's play well down
into the 30's flat.

Sparkling highs and smooth neutral mids and midbass, and little if any cabinet coloration from the MG. No chestiness or boxy quality, but open and detailed with all the weight and impact in the bass you could ever need or want. I'm sure there are speakers that go lower but no sub needed for music of any kind with the MG's. Even 5 watts is pumping out smoothly propotioned bass that is not boomy or muddy.

The mids and highs are also even and smooth with no grain. The tweeter is crossed at 12K so even though the much respected HiVi ribbon used by Decware is doing its great job as usual the bulk of this smooth sound is coming from the 2 five inch midbass drivers. Decent listening levels are obtained w/ 3-5 watts and add more power they are capable of taking a beating and won't fatigue your ears.

With my Monoblocks at 5wpc to give an idea of the impact the MG's have, you get BIG movie sound in just stereo on DVD's yet they are as Hi-Fi and refined of a speaker as I've ever heard. Again, bass and mid/high clarity is all present and no harshness. For music, balanced, clean, sharp imaging and fully fleshed out frequency response, through and through.

The MG's are also a really good pair of reference speakers for me as well. In that respect they are not "extreme" in any area. They are very balanced in what they do. I want to say that the MG is more polite than a single driver Fostex based speaker but not in a negative sense, just more that the MG's don't have that "edge" that can be too much at times with a Fostex driver. And they are just as fast as the single driver speakers. The MG's refuse to sound bad. Often they trick me into thinking the subwoofer is on. Quite frankly I'd make a wager almost anyone would like these speakers. I have a sneeking suspicion that the MG944's paired with a TORII MkII would be a killer "end-all-be-all" combo. Would be a tremendously BIG sounding rig. These speakers do good tube amps justice by any standard and give good solid state a new voice.  Did I mention they image terrifically? They disapper!

The build quality fit and finish of these are superb. Any speaker this price (a super bargain) should not look this well appointed. The MG944's require a couple of hundred hours to sound their best and they have improved substantially with daily playing for many hours per day the first 3 weeks I've had them. Are they the best I've EVER heard in my whole life? Subjected to certain recordings some speakers do better than others. The MG's are all around versatile performers that I can listen to for hours and never question the enjoyment. Isn't that what its all about? For the price they are a "no-brainer". You can't afford not to take a listen (30-day trial).

These are unique speakers in design and an uncommon value. I'm keeping them.

Chris K
Akron, Ohio




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