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Re: Zen Taboo Amplifier Beta Test Circle
Reply #158 on: 03/25/05 at 8:34pm

The Taboo driven by CSP pre-amp was as good as it could get at imaging.  The combo reminded me of the days when I fell in love with the Horns and SV83 monoblocks.  In fact, I think it's even better - I will have to go back and check it myself.  Sevag's guitar and piano sounded sweet, full-bodied, "palpable", and three dimensional last night.  Eva Cassidy's Songbird and Autumn Leaves, Happy Rhodes' Temporary and Eternal were fleshed-out, lush, and very emotional.
After almost two hours (I skipped my dinner until after Brad left - he didn't know) we unlugged the Taboo/CSP combo and in went the ClariT.  Brad and I agreed that there wasn't much in terms of soundstaging/imaging.  He noticed that with the ClariT the sound seemed more forward, more extended in the highs (brighter in a good sense), but less 3-D.  I mostly agreed about the 3-D and imaging aspect of which I think the Taboo/CSP clearly is a winner.  While I didn't find the sound more forward with the ClariT (perhaps more "polite" or "smooth" or even-balanced is a better description as Brad pointed today in his post), I admitted the tone of the setup was what got me hooked.  Even as impressive as the Taboo/CSP was, I somehow was pulled more toward the tone that the ClariT/BB-FTA2000 reproduced.  Whatever major cause that made me prefer this battery devide, I blame the dirty polluted AC line.  
Before we parted, I mentioned to Brad that one day I would really be happy if I could find a big enough battery power supply that I can plug in my Decware monoblocks or Nelson Pass' F1.  Then I would have the cake and eat it.
Thank you Brad and Steve for letting me taste the Taboo/CSP.  The combo or each of them separately will win the heart of many music lovers, especially those who appreciate holographic soundstaging.





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