Testament to Quality.

Our commitment to build amps without circuit boards has done three things:

1) Quadrupled our manufacturing costs.

2) Eliminated the possibility of mass production..

3) Created product like this that still works after being in a train wreck during a cross-country UPS delivery.


Wednesday, November 8, 2000 -

We received a Zen Triode Amp (SE84C) back on trade towards our Signature gear. As you can see the original shipping container was not used. In fact this is a wonderful example of how not to pack an amplifier for shipment.

External Damage Report:

* Volume shaft sheared off.
* Input jacks took multiple impacts denting the chassis.
* Power transformer almost ripped off from the G-Force.
* Multiple dents on all 6 sides of chassis. We counted 26 impacts.
* Bottom cover screws had vibrated out and some were missing completely.
* Aluminum tube socket shields were severely bent and deformed.

After some discussion we concluded that this amplifier had the equivalent abuse of being dropped on concrete from a height of 11 feet, over 40 times. It was almost like someone put it into a cannon and shot it into a brick wall.

Later that afternoon, we were contacted by UPS and informed that the package was in a train wreck when a UPS carrier train derailed on a cross country run. This would explain the excess damage.

Pictured from left to right, Larry, Dave, DeVon, and Bill's Before removing the bottom cover and inspecting the inside for damage we all decided to tube it up and plug it in for a test run. Naturally it would make all of us feel pretty good if it still worked.

We already had no doubt that anything with a circuit board, regardless of price or quality would have never made it. In fact we weren't sure if our little amp did either.

After bending the tube shields back to a semi-round shape and installing new tubes, we turned on the power switch and it came to life without a single spit or sputter.

After about 5 minutes of big smiles, we removed the bottom cover to inspect the parts inside while it played.




Internal Damage Report:


So, why do we give a lifetime warranty to the original owners on all of our amplifiers?


Because we can!


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