A U D I O... P A P E R


 FEB 2002
by Steve Deckert

I got one of my Zens back this week for repair.  It has been treated with both the "PWB Red 'x' Co-ordinate Pen" and "Rainbow foil".  It now looks similar to the baby.  

I like to think of myself as a pretty deep thinker.  I have keen interests in astronomy, tetrahedral mathematics, rotational physics, inter-dimensional physics, spiritual and metaphysical truths, and most of all harmonics as they apply to all things.  I believe that's a good summary of what we now call 'ancient knowledge'.  

Because of this rather wide perspective I view things from, I have a very open mind.

I have to say though, that every time I look at this "treated" Zen amp I get powerfully dark karma from it and ohhh the things I'd like to say....

My tongue hurts from biting it every time I walk past the amp.  Too disturbed to just let it pass, and too careful to say what I really think... well as the saying goes; a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words.

Thank-you and Goodnight.


Appended Comment:

It has been my experience over the years that most tweaks are far more effective due to the power of suggestion then they are in reality.  In the end it's about enjoying the music.  Suggestion is perhaps the largest variable in how a system sounds at any given time.  We all have our favorite tweaks, I'm just as guilty an anyone so as the old saying goes, if it works don't fix it.



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