Dear Friend,  

If you own speakers purchased before 1986 they are in all likelihood worth far more than you realize. Please approach the decision to scrap them with caution. Speaker technology has not advanced much since 1950, and mass produced cabinet quality seems to have gone down hill ever since that time.  

And that my friend is really the problem... cabinet quality. QUALITY in general. Go and pick up your old speakers to get a feel for the weight. Knock on the cabinet sides and top and listen to the pitch. Then go out and apply the same test to a similar sized pair at your favorite stereo store.  

In my experience it almost always means spending over a thousand dollars on a pair of speakers to find quality similar to your old (real-wood-veneer) jewels at home. And that is a conservative figure.  

I realize that most of these companies either no longer exist, or parts are not available, so you feel pressure to buy new ones. Far and away your most cost effective option would be to have your speakers restored, or even re-built. The end result will be better sound for the money spent.  

For every dollar you invest in restoration the net yield seems to be around $9.00 on the retail market.   


Cats are a speaker salesman's best friend....






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