Wonderful full range frequency balance with high efficiency!

This is our modified Fostex FE206E driver.  It is the result of years of auditioning Lowthers and similar full range drivers in an effort to find something that would work well with our amplifiers (and sound good!).

With the modifications this driver needs no tweeter, has killer bass and no midrange/treble shout.

This is the actual driver used in our High Definition Tower speakers and is now available for the DIY speaker builders.

FE206EM                   $295.00 pr.

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  • Decware phase guide installed
  • Modified ES banana pulp cone
  • 110mm magnet
  • 38 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 208mm Flange - 8 inch
  • Cut-out 182mm
  • Depth 87.5mm
  • Sensitivity 1W/1M 96 dB
  • Nom. Power 90 Watts
  • QTS 0.23
  • QMS 3.03
  • QES 0.23
  • RE 6.69 ohms  8 ohm nominal
  • VAS 54 ltrs / 2.01 cubic feet
  • Net weight 3400 grams / 7.58 lbs

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We are now offering
the new Decware Full
Range driver model:
DFR-8 (pictured left)
in place of the

The price
is unchanged.  

You can read about
the DFR-8 at this link.




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