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04/06/20 at 06:35:12 


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Speaker Demonstration videos starting now! (Read 1833 times)
Steve Deckert

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Speaker Demonstration videos starting now!
01/26/20 at 05:00:03
Over the years I've done some speaker demo videos that made me want to do a lot more of them, but finding the time is hard. Also there really needed to be several ducks in a row before the videos would be able to be used for direct A/B comparisons... which would be very helpful for everyone.

So after collecting the right hardware, and fine tuning the live two track in-room recordings, I have created a forum for speaker video demos where you can view the videos and then give your impressions.

I have selected 4 tracks on vinyl that I will use to create a separate video on each speaker offered on the Decware web site. The only variable will be the speaker itself, unless I feel like I want to demo the speaker louder than 2 watts will take it, in which case I may use a bigger amplifier.  We'll just see how it goes starting with the SE84UFO25 as the amp, and the Vinyl rig plugged directly into the amp with no preamp, just to keep variables down to an absolute minimum.

The recordings are made from the flagship Tascam digital recorder, in 24/96 from the listening position on the couch.

These recordings are classified as "in-room recordings" meaning that the intention it to let you hear the speakers from the perspective of the listening chair in the Decware listening room.  To do that you will have to wear headphones.  If you try to play this over speakers, the colorations of your room will be superimposed over the top of the room in the recording and skew the recordings frequency balance and clarity enough to make the videos useless for serious comparisons between the different speakers.

Please wear headphones to use these videos properly.  You can find the videos listed here:  https://www.decware.com/cgi-bin/yabb22/YaBB.pl?board=demos

We are just starting so we will be adding more videos on a regular basis as they are being made.

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