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12/05/23 at 05:56:32 

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Basic ZSB question... (Read 239 times)
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Basic ZSB question...
05/08/23 at 19:42:26
just hooked up my ZSB switchbox into my setup using it as a switch for SACD/DAC/PHONO and had a question. Mine came with two volume knobs (dual stepped attenuated). Each volume knob seems to control the left or right channel respectively. when turned to any setting except full 100% to the right (on) it seems there is a noticeable veil in the music...almost like the high frequencies are being attenuated. when you turn it just that last little bit (which is an almost tactile switch) everything brightens and the veil lifts, resulting in a very sparkly, full sound.
Am I missing something or doing something wrong? what is supposed to happen  when the volume knobs are turned down to less than 100%? is it affecting frequencies as well?
It did not come with an instruction manual so i might be missing something. are the knobs truly only for left/right channels? or do they do something else? Can I also assume that the two output jacks output exactly the same signal?
Thank you in advance...
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