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12/10/23 at 12:59:04 

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12AT7 impressions in ZSTAGE (Read 290 times)
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12AT7 impressions in ZSTAGE
03/04/23 at 21:46:32
I finally got around to trying an 12AT7 in my ZSTAGE.  It’s an NOS RCA 12AT7WA triple mica black plate military tube, that I acquired last year but never got around to trying since I had a handful of 12AU7 I was rolling at the time.  

The difference between the two variants is very noticeable with its higher gain attributes. It has a thicker presentation and is more lively.  With a 12AU7 I enjoy music in either position depending on the music..but with the 12AT7…I need to keep the setting in the relaxed position.  In the other position the gain is too hot and I’m detection a tad bit of break up.  If I dial back the ZBIT one or two clicks…then it’s better.  Now once the tube settles in, maybe that will change.  This is just my initial impression.  Now this is with digital playback.  Maybe with vinyl playback the added gain in this tube will be a welcome.   So right of the box for ZSTAGE use…I do like the 12AU7 better…it’s warmer, less edgy, and smoother.  

Just noticed this is listed under Important Topics.  Must have done that by accident.  Steve…can you move this to the regular board topics?  

I’ll report back after I give this tube time to break in.


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