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01/28/23 at 04:43:45 

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For Sale: Pair of FRX2 Full Range Drivers (Read 22 times)
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For Sale: Pair of FRX2 Full Range Drivers
01/22/23 at 22:28:16
I have been interchanging three pairs of middle/high frequency drivers on my Pure Audio Project Quintets for nearly five years, and have finally decided to sell the big wood PAP horns and the Decware FRX2’s.  Though the FRX2’s beat the Voxativ 1.6’s and the PAP wood horns in speed, flat frequency response, high frequency extension, and smoothness, their efficiency rating of 94 db at 1 watt/1 meter significantly lags behind the Voxativ drivers and the big PAP wood horns.  In addition, I have to admit that I like the more raucous sounding Voxativ 1.6’s with their rising high frequency output (you know….the full range driver shout). The FRX2 drivers are now for sale.  Price: $975 including shipping. I’m also selling the PAP wood horns.

I have had the FRX2’s for eight and a half years, but they have spent most of their time packed away in their original Decware shipping boxes.  Total play time on these FRX2’s is probably in the neighborhood of 800 to 1,000 hours…..maybe even less.  

They are in excellent condition and will be shipped in their original Decware boxes.  My Decware invoice shows I paid $1,233.93.  A new pair will cost $1.475 plus shipping, but the new ones appear to be Out of Stock.

By the way, when I first got the FRX2’s I mounted them on 24” x 48” pieces of oak veneered plywood, along with a pair of Eminence Alpha A15’s and the result was really good.  So, for far less than $1,500 you can build a very fine pair of open baffle speakers.

Price: $975 including shipping. Paypal
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