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05/29/22 at 00:41:48 

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Temperature (Read 187 times)
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01/13/22 at 17:20:17
I’m on the waitlist to get a zrock2 sometime in the next year or two. Because I can’t help myself, I’ve already started the process of planning to  build a fancy rack for the new gear.  I was thinking about under mounting the zrock to facilitate a simple path for interconnects and for aesthetics.  Do you think 2 inches of airflow above it would be sufficient if there was good airflow side to side and front to back?  The fact that it has a tube was concerning me regarding temperature. Anyone who owns one care to chime in?  Does it run hot like typical tube gear?  Thanks.

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Re: Temperature
Reply #1 - 01/13/22 at 20:13:58
Jon, that will be fine. I run one of mine underneath a cadenza on isolation feet which give it about an inch from the carpet and about a half an inch clearance from the wood above. Not a single issue in two years. The ZROCK2 does not really get warm.
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