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04/11/21 at 04:20:48 


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Hexmat Yellow Bird Vinyl Isolater (Read 34 times)
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Hexmat Yellow Bird Vinyl Isolater
04/07/21 at 18:59:58
Anyone ever tried this product? A bit difficult to find reviews but I purchased it with a 30 day return policy to give it a go. It is not transformational but it does seem to provide additional clarity, improved low end and music seems to emerge from a blacker background. Decided to keep it.
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Re: Hexmat Yellow Bird Vinyl Isolater
Reply #1 - 04/07/21 at 21:52:17
I have not.  I use a Herbies mat.  I like the sticky surface and the full contact I get when using a center clamp and peripheral ring.  I think a "full contact" mat makes the most sense since it will damp the entire record surface.
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