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02/27/21 at 18:21:56 


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Caintuck Audio Baffle Demo 1 (Read 219 times)
Steve Deckert

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Caintuck Audio Baffle Demo 1
01/17/21 at 02:43:31
This is a three baffles with Lii Audio Fast 8 drivers for the left and right, and Lii Audio W15 driver in the center, crossed over at 90Hz. The baffles sound wonderful by themselves, probably go down to around 50Hz or so but for electronic music like this you obviously want a bit more meat in the low end.




Interesting note -- this three baffle setup is an attempt to outperform the Lii Audio Reference cabinets you see on either side of the fireplace.  The sound is actually very similar.  Close enough that it is easy to forget about the comparison.  The difference is the cabinets have an even warmer midrange, and an octave lower bass.  The baffles as you see them set up here have a deeper sound stage. For the difference in size this is a really tight match up between the two.

Literally, any other speaker combination in the room with the exception of the Zen Master Series Baffle with the Crystal 10's do not sound anywhere close to the Lii Audio Reference speakers on either side of the fireplace... these two speaker sets have very similar voicing which is rather amazing considering how vastly different they are!


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