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05/26/22 at 19:26:32 

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Wicked One and F150 (Read 736 times)
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Wicked One and F150
02/04/20 at 16:04:39
My latest WO project...I have 2 Soundqubed 10s rated at 1200 watts each...started out with roughly 800 watts each on them....now...im at around 1200 watts each....this box plays well all the way down to 25hz....it will go to 20hz...but not with out some coaxing....I have seen a couple on the forums built with more than 2 ubs.....that's next on the list....I am an avid Decware believer and have built most of the sub boxes.
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Re: Wicked One and F150
Reply #1 - 02/07/20 at 00:09:02
No damn passengers, just bass.

I like it. Your results seem very promising.

You said you had to do some coaxing. Can you describe the coaxing to us.

I have only twice put one of these in an automobile. Most of my interest is centered around live sound. That is why I built a dual 18 inch version.
It worked out OK once I figured out how to set it up.
The coaxing I did was some digi contour of the spectrum drawing down most of the peak power of this beast.
Basically from about 80Hz to about 200Hz is dumped.What is then allowed to rock, truly rocks!

Nothing low-ish like you have described, but still very effective.
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