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Well used CSP2 still going strong after 14 years. (Read 659 times)
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Well used CSP2 still going strong after 14 years.
01/04/20 at 16:04:29
Hi all, Iím new here and just wanted to say hello and mention that i am the proud owner of #015 CSP2. I have integrated it into my very multi-faceted and convoluted small room set-up and could not be happier with itís performance! Itís been well used and loved over the years by 2 more before me. As the third and probably last owner i canít say how happy i am to join your ranks and look forward to hopefully being able to join the Decware family and integrate more units into my other systems in the future. Iím so pleased with this unit i canít wait to try some of the newer models and products available.
At 14 years old this unit is STILL performing 100%
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Re: Well used CSP2 still going strong after 14 years.
Reply #1 - 01/04/20 at 16:25:27
Welcome Nick! When it was a hot new model I had Steve build me a CSP2 in the black Select chassis as it matched the EL34 Monoblocks I was using that he built for me, and used it up until a few years ago in several systems. These products are built to last and continue to sound great.

Thanks for joining us. The new products sound much much better, hard as that is to believe.
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Re: Well used CSP2 still going strong after 14 years.
Reply #2 - 10/26/21 at 16:46:54
Still have mine, but just getting ready to list for sale in the classifieds.  Was/is such a great amp, but my needs have changed.
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