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07/13/20 at 06:15:28 


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Underneath your Caintuck (Read 677 times)
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Underneath your Caintuck
12/31/19 at 18:47:35
Happy New Year everyone - a new decade - starting my 8th!  Wow!

My Caintucks are sitting on hardwood floors.  Makes it very easy to experiment with positioning.  On the negative side my hardwood floors are starting their 11th decade so not as flat as they might be.  Also find my dog can brush the speakers and easily they are nudged to another position.

Have tried them on carpet and they definately sit better.  Damps the sound down a bit - think I like the sound better on hardwood.

Has anyone tried stuff under their speakers.  Today I put some bluetack under each corner - think the sound a bit more solid but lose the ability to move them easily.  

Have used Herbies dots before - wondering about a set of eight big dots with one under each corner.

What are others doing.  What is your experience Randy?
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Randy in Caintuck
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Re: Underneath your Caintuck
Reply #1 - 01/01/20 at 04:15:42

Hi Casey,

On the "Questions" page of my website, I mention cones, spikes, etc. under the baffles as one of the possible tweaks.
But, as you have discovered there are pluses and minuses for most of them so I make no strong recommendations.

There is certainly a difference in the sound depending on the flooring material. I have always placed the speakers on a carpet ..... or at least had some carpeting placed in front of the speakers to knock down the reflection from a hard surface floor.
As always ..... your mileage may vary .....

One of my local customers uses the Nordost SORT Kones under his Betsy baffles (and just about every other component in his system).
I'm not sure which version he has under the speakers, but there are four different versions ranging from 75.00 to almost 400.00 EACH .....

They are a little rich for my retired pocketbook, but I must admit that his system sounds killer with a Decware Rachael being one of several good sounding power amps in his stable.

I have always had good success with the Herbie's products ..... so the dots would probably be a safe choice.

Happy listening,

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Re: Underneath your Caintuck
Reply #2 - 01/01/20 at 22:24:55
flipped the carpet around in the room the morning so now the speakers are sitting on carpet.  Got my wife excited she thought some new year resolution to re-decorate the room was in progress....

Certainly changes the sound of the speakers, much more toned down.  Will listen this way for a while although I still think maybe a set of herbies feet under the speakers on hardwood maybe a good middle ground.

Do others have their Caintucks on wood floors or even tile or is everyone on carpet?  Mine are Lii-15s by the way.
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Re: Underneath your Caintuck
Reply #3 - 01/09/20 at 11:50:17
I have the standard Betsy's in Sapele hardwood.

I'm using the Von Schweikert Special from Herbie's on a hardwood floor. I think without the Herbies's there's slightly more bass. But the Von Schweikert Special seem to do what all the Herbie's products that I have do, enhance focus, and make the whole more organic.

I still play with having the Betsy's directly in contact with the hardwood floor. I'm still constantly adjusting the room (SE84UFO, Betsy's, and address all new in 2019). But I keep returning to the Herbie's.
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