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smaller Omegas (Read 2076 times)
Scott in mich
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smaller Omegas
06/03/18 at 16:06:45
I read about the S3HOXRS loudspeakers and they seem to be wonderful.  Has anyone tried the smaller Super 3 XRS or even the monitors like the Super 3i or Super 7's?

I'm in a small room so thinking these might be good alternatives.


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Jeff of Arabica
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Re: smaller Omegas
Reply #1 - 06/11/18 at 00:03:50
Lonely Raven has/had a set of Omega monitors, but I forget which model.  You may want to reach out to him with your questions.  

I have the Super Alnico High Output towers and canít say enough good things about them.  Louisí proprietary drivers and cabinet design are superb!
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Re: smaller Omegas
Reply #2 - 05/02/20 at 05:27:59
I haven't tried the smaller ones, but I have the Omega Compact Alnico Monitors. Love them, they're a fantastic speaker, and Louis is a great guy.
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